McAfee Launches McAfee+, A New Product Line With Excellent Privacy & Identity Protection, To Help Users Protect Their Personal Data

McAfee Launches McAfee+, A New Product Line With Excellent Privacy & Identity Protection, To Help Users Protect Their Personal Data

McAfee Corp., a global leader in online protection, today announced the Italian launch of McAfee+, a new product line that includes comprehensive privacy and identity protection and enables users to live their online life in complete safety and peace of mind.

The new McAfee+ suite of products is now available in the UK, giving users access to identity recovery and wallet loss assistance, as well as the ability to secure all their devices with award-winning threat protection and viruses. As part of the announcement of the new product line, McAfee also launched protection for Chromebook products, with antivirus, VPN, safe browsing and identity monitoring for Chrome OS users.

According to McAfee Consumer Research 2022, 75% of consumers fear their financial information will be compromised; 76% of respondents are also worried about possible identity theft from an online transaction, and 70% fear that their data will end up on the dark web. Created to address consumers’ growing concerns about data privacy and identity theft, and to provide comprehensive support and peace of mind, McAfee+ is available in the UK starting at €44.95 for the first year.

McAfee+ is purpose-built to provide online protection that includes proactive dark web monitoring for personal information control, and complements McAfee’s renowned antivirus protection and Secure VPN. For added protection against identity theft, McAfee+ Advanced includes expert assistance with identity theft recovery and wallet support in the event of loss.

“We spend more and more time online for work, education, social media, banking, and connecting with family and friends, and this poses the risk of bad actors attempting to target our devices with malware, steal identities and gain access to private information, and more,” said Vonny Gamot, EMEA manager for McAfee. “McAfee+ is designed to address these trends and threats and to help users better defend against identity breaches to minimize future threats.”

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“McAfee is committed to protecting people, not just devices,” said Greg Johnson, president and chief executive officer of McAfee. “McAfee+ reflects this spirit by offering a simple and straightforward way to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our devices. We are proud to enrich our product lines with all of this, so that more people can enjoy life online safely.”

McAfee+: plans and features

With the new product suite, two McAfee+ plans are available for Italy, Premium and Advanced, each with individual and family-level options.

McAfee+ Advanced includes:

  • Identity restoration experts available 24/7 to advise on necessary actions to restore identity and resolve credit issues
  • Lost wallet assistance for blocking and replacing identification documents and credit and debit cards in case of lost wallet
  • Identity monitoring that checks up to 60 unique personal information on the dark web, with timely alerts sent up to 10 months in advance of similar services
  • Unlimited Secure VPN that connects automatically when connected to public Wi-Fi networks, to protect your online privacy and personal data when banking, shopping or browsing online
  • Password manager that secures accounts by generating and storing strong passwords and autofilling information to speed up device logins
  • Protection Score , a McAfee-exclusive feature that provides a holistic view of your online safety rating with an assessment of your current level of protection and recommendations for improvement
  • Chrome OS support for users to install and access McAfee features from their Chromebooks, such as antivirus, VPN, identity theft protection, and more. McAfee is the first leading security vendor to offer full support for Chrome OS
  • Security for unlimited devices * including Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Parental controls included in the McAfee+ Advanced Family plan to help parents protect children from inappropriate online behavior, apps, and content, manage screen time, receive location-based alerts, and help them form good digital habits
  • Further information
    • The company’s award-winning antivirus protects all personal devices and stored information from the latest threats
    • Web protection to browse freely and safely by avoiding downloads and dangerous sites
    • Firewall to protect devices by blocking access to the home network of traffic from malicious persons
    • File Shredder to permanently delete PC users’ confidential files and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands
    • Customer Support with Virus Protection Pledge

McAfee+ Premium includes:

  • Identity Tracking
  • Secure Unlimited VPN
  • Password manager
  • Protection score
  • Chrome OS support
  • Security for unlimited devices* including Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Award winning antivirus
  • Web protection
  • Firewalls
  • Shred files
  • Parental controls included in the McAfee+ Premium Family plan
  • Customer Support with Virus Protection Pledge


Starting today, McAfee+ is available online in Italy at . Product features and availability may vary by market. Availability in additional markets will be announced in the coming months.


  • McAfee+ Premium: €129.95 for the Individual plan; €139.95 for the Family plan
  • McAfee+ Advanced: €149.95 for the Individual plan; €169.95 for the Family plan

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