Hummingbird Launches Modular Apps For Compliance Investigations

Hummingbird Launches Modular Apps For Compliance Investigations

Hummingbird RegTech, a compliance platform, announced the launch of Hummingbird Apps, to provide compliance professionals the ability to create a custom tech stack to fight financial crime. Hummingbird Apps elevates the craft of compliance by seamlessly integrating with an array of third-party applications, and ensures that customers have the tools they need to play a pivotal role in making positive changes in the financial industry, and society overall.

With Hummingbird Apps, compliance investigators can create custom workflows that align with their current processes to help prevent potential financial crime. This new interface allows users to manage and create third-party application requests, eliminating tedious and manual tasks, reaching decisions faster and the ability to scale caseloads. Hummingbird enables compliance professionals to stay focused on deep investigation work and access hard-to-find information without leaving the platform.

“Hummingbird Apps is the starting point where compliance professionals have every tool they need at their fingertips,” said Joe Robinson, CEO of Hummingbird. “Our mission is to offer the best tools and information for investigation work that will help to take down financial crime. And we saw the need for better visibility and customization into the applications and tools compliance professionals use in their everyday roles.”

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Hummingbird Apps offers three types of applications: filing apps, data apps, and integration apps. Customers can also request custom apps be built for an additional fee. Customers can browse available apps and their functionalities on the App Store, while also having the ability to share that information with non-Hummingbird users. The App Launcher gives customers visibility into the apps set up for their organization and any new apps that might help or be required.

No longer do compliance professionals have to spend hours building in-house tools, use spreadsheets to cover the gaps, use all-in-one solutions that aren’t a perfect fit, or have to sift between countless different applications. With Hummingbird Apps, you can point, click, and scale a custom compliance tech stack whether you’re entering a new jurisdiction or just want to increase your capabilities with the best tools.

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