mePrism Opens Consumer Data Beta to Give Consumers Data Rights

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mePrism, a start-up focused on helping consumers take control over their data, announced that it is opening up its beta trial to new users. This is the latest step in the organization’s mission to give consumers greater control over their personal data and open up the data marketplace to everyone.

“We want to give back control to consumers over their digital identity by shining a light on the transactions in and around their online behaviors,” Tom Daly, CEO and founder of mePrism explained. “We have spent the past few years building out a secure mobile app that acts as the world’s first Data Bank™ where consumers can, for the first time, deposit and protect their own personal information, starting with what’s been gathered by Google, Facebook, and Apple.

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Consumers have a huge appetite to understand how their data is being traded and this beta launch will give them that transparency for the first time, including the ability to monetize that data for themselves as we bring more buyers onto the platform.”

Recent research conducted on behalf of mePrism found that nearly nine in 10 (88%) consumers want to be notified when their data is bought and sold, and almost three quarters (72%) said they would be more likely to sell their data to businesses that stopped buying it indirectly.

mePrism’s beta launch starts today and welcomes iOS users to download the app. Android users are invited to join the Android waitlist with an anticipated availability early in 2022.

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