Milton Security to Sponsor InfraGard National

Milton Security Sponsors InfraGard National-01

Milton Security, a leading provider of Threat Hunting as a Service, XDR & MDR (MxDR) SOC Services, was announced this week as the only Silver Sponsor for InfraGard National, an FBI-affiliated nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening national security, community resilience, and the foundation of American life.

InfraGard National Members Alliance has been partnering with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other government agencies since 1996 and connects owners and operators within critical infrastructure with these agencies to provide education, information sharing, networking, and workshops on emerging technologies and threats.

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“We’re extremely proud of the work InfraGard National is doing for the cybersecurity community and the country,” said James McMurry, CEO and Founder of Milton Security. “Any time we get the opportunity to support and partner with organizations like InfraGard, we jump at the chance to help strengthen the critical infrastructure sector. Our sponsorship means that InfraGard and Milton Security can work together to bring even more security to our nation and providing meaningful contributions toward preserving human life.”

As a Silver level sponsor, Milton Security and InfraGard National Members Alliance are teaming up to enhance and increase the cybersecurity of the United States.

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