MindPoint Group Makes FedRAMP Certification Easier with New Product Launch

MindPoint Group, FedRAMP Certification, Product Launch

MindPoint Group, a leader in cybersecurity services that helps government organizations and businesses identify and defend against threats, close security gaps, and manage risk, recently announced the launch of their newest product, FedRAMP Readiness Accelerator.

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FedRAMP Readiness Accelerator is a combination of pre-filled document templates, support, and guidance to help customers more rapidly evaluate readiness, and ultimately obtain a FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) from the US Government. The templates are pe-filled with policies and procedures that meet the NIST 800-53 controls for a FedRAMP Moderate system. Customizable areas are clearly marked so customers can easily tailor to the specifics of their organization.

In addition to saving time and money with the templates, the subscription also features support from MindPoint Group’s team of FedRAMP experts, and will continuously inform customers on changes that FedRAMP makes to their program and documentation down the road.

The product offers two different subscription levels, either standard or premium. Customers will receive pre-filled templates and support with both subscriptions. The premium subscription offers increased support, with guidance on tool selection and control implementation. Customers can purchase the standard subscription for $1,000/ year or the premium subscription for $3,000/ year.

“Not only is FedRAMP a great decision for those looking to become more secure, but it’s a mandatory business decision for Cloud Service Providers looking to expand their business into the public sector,” said Sam Dizor-Carter Governance, Risk, and Compliance Manager at MindPoint Group.  “A FedRAMP ATO isn’t easy to obtain, so we’re thrilled to be able to help and support people growing their businesses in that way.”

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In 2019, MindPoint Group released its first product, Lockdown Enterprise, which is a content subscription to help organizations improve their compliance with IT security baselines such as STIG or CIS using off-the-shelf Ansible Automation. FedRAMP Readiness Accelerator is the second product to be released in the MindPoint Group portfolio.