TrapX Security Launches New Service to Track Threat Actors

TrapX Security, Track Threat Actors
TrapX Security Launches New Service to Track Threat Actors

TrapX Security, the global leader in cyber deception technology, has released an update to its revolutionary threat detection platform, DeceptionGrid 7.0. The solution takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity by shifting the cost of security to attackers creating, distributing, and monitoring an entire deceptive environment. DeceptionGrid 7.0 introduces TrapX’s brand new attack intelligence service, which tracks attacker activities and captures their tradecraft secrets sharing the information with a broader TrapX user community.

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The primary reason most organizations fail to prevent cyberattacks is due to an economical imbalance – attacking is generally cheap while defending remains highly expensive. To be successful, attackers only need to exploit the weakest link in a system, whereas the defender must be vigilant at all times. TrapX is the only solution that shifts the economic burden by using decoys to intercept sophisticated attackers and divert them to a fictitious environment. This tricks them into believing they are executing a successful attack, consuming their time and resources, causes them to reveal their technics, tactics, and procedures and gives cybersecurity teams complete control of the attacker.

“Cybercriminals have typically managed to stay one step ahead of the organizations they’re attacking, depleting resources as the defending organization struggles to keep up,” said Ori Bach, CEO of TrapX Security. “We’ve updated DeceptionGrid to offer our customers even more tools to turn the tables on attackers and give them the extra time to combat the attack effectively.”

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Most deception tools currently available on the market force companies to tradeoff between deep deception at a low scale, via virtualized decoys, and low interaction at a large scale. DeceptionGrid 7.0 revolutionizes the market by combining these abilities and using emulated decoys that can send attackers to high-interaction decoys that support deep deception at enterprise-scale. The solution also offers:

  • Real-time analysis of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) that allows cybersecurity teams to adjust to sophisticated threats
  • Build Your Own Trap (BYOT), which allows users to create their own unique attack surfaces and applications
  • Tracking of malware campaigns across regions and verticals
  • Compatibility with Linux, including smart proxies that divert traffic from individual Linux-emulated traps into the Linux FOS