MindTickle Streamlines Remote Content Creation and Collaboration for Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

Admins and SMEs can crowdsource content for sales readiness and enablement programs within a single platform, driving greater productivity

MindTickle, the leader in Sales Readiness technology, today unveiled its Content Authoring Collaboration feature, which allows MindTickle admins to facilitate and streamline collaboration with subject-matter experts (SMEs) to create engaging content for sales enablement and readiness programs. With more teams working remotely, the need for expanded digital collaboration on content is essential for building a culture of rapid sourcing and distribution leveraging both traditional sources of content such as marketing as well as field colleagues. This latest capability addresses the complexities and inefficiencies of content development and curation among multiple collaborators in a distributed environment.

Content is critical to the success of every enablement program, but sales-ready production isn’t easy. It requires significant collaboration among admins and multiple SMEs, who have historically used varied and disparate applications such as chat and email to discuss, draft, review, and finalize content. As SMEs switch between various applications, knowledge silos are created, causing frustration and impacting productivity.

According to the 2018 Sales Enablement Report by CSO Insights, “Content services, as well as training services, have to be created and, in the case of sales content salespeople need along the customer’s path, only 33.8% is generated by marketing. This data point shows why, in addition to the collaboration model, an enablement production process is a fundamental prerequisite to ensure the quality and scalability of sales enablement service. This production process will also be used when you create your cross-functional collaboration model as different roles may get involved at different stages of production for any given enablement service.” The authors also note that “Organizations that effectively produced and managed their enablement services based on a process achieved 10.1% higher win rates.”

MindTickle’s new Content Authoring Collaboration functionality facilitates and streamlines the collaboration across departments (e.g. product, marketing, and sales) and crowdsourcing of content such as presentations, voice-over-slideshow, collateral, and recordings between admins and subject matter experts (SMEs). Benefits of Content Authoring Collaboration include:

  • Track the progress of each SME’s assigned piece of content development, trigger reminders, while managing SMEs’ tasks — all within the platform.
  • Reduce time spent in ad-hoc processes for content creation, provide predictability in the time taken to launch enablement programs, and increase quality control on content delivered to reps.
  • Enable a microlearning-friendly content-creation process allowing for more agile approaches to content and content experience, including micro-formats and faster time to availability to help fit learning into the flow of remote-work life. This is preferable to past approaches which consisted of simply using instructor-led training materials and SCORM content which are not conducive to proven effective training with microlearning.

“Content is a foundational element in any sales enablement program, but with so many stakeholders and ‘tools’ involved in its creation, the process has become complex and frustrating for all involved. Adding to this complexity are the new challenges introduced to the process with working remotely — which, for the foreseeable future, will be commonplace for businesses,” said Nishant Mungali, Chief Product Officer at MindTickle. “With Content Collaboration, we’re making remote content development and curation streamlined, simple, and productive. It’s another step forward in our commitment to helping businesses transform their approach to Sales Readiness.”