Mlytics launches enhanced Origin Shield to fully protect web applications and APIs

Mlytics launches enhanced Origin Shield to fully protect web applications and APIs-01

Mlytics, a global leader in digital content delivery and experience monitoring, launches Origin Shield, a sophisticated security suite natively deployed across multiple top-tier CDNs, including core security features like Cloud WAF, access control, L7 DDoS Protection, Bot Management, and API Protection.

In any kind of setup, origin shielding is about risk tolerance: How much downtime can your business afford? In today’s digital world, the answer is probably none. For companies where staying online 24/7 is critical, an origin shield solution helps guard against origin threats and effectively serves as a crucial part of their WAAP (Web application API protection) architecture. The model is always evolving to adapt to an ever-changing environment, obstacles, and new vulnerabilities.

To bolster its security suite and provide improved resilience to origin servers, Mlytics’ SaaS experience delivery platform launches an enhanced Origin Shield solution. Bot management, L7 DDoS protection, and API protection tools now reinforce the Origin Shield’s core security features, which include Cloud WAF (OWASP CRS and customized CRS); web firewall rules, header rules, captcha/JS challenge, user agent blocking rules, rate-limiting rules, rate limiting-header rules, and access control.

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Because of its core Multi CDN solution, Mlytics is able to take Origin Shield to the next level by leveraging multiple top-tier CDN networks and combining them with Origin Shield security solutions. If a CDN experiences an outage, Mlytics’s Multi CDN solution directs traffic to the next best-performing, healthy CDN. Regardless of which CDN is selected by the Smart Load Balancer, the Origin Shield in front of the origin stays active, providing protection against service disruptions, DDoS, and other cyber attacks.

“By taking Origin Shield to the next level, we can leverage a more-holistic approach to be deployed across multiple trusted CDNs,” says Tars Geerts, Growth Manager at Mlytics. “When you combine this with Smart Load Balancing, we can truly boost network performance and maximize origin server protection and resilience.”

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