MNJ Technologies and Adlumin Alliance Provides Advanced Security Services to Small and Midsize Customers

MNJ Technologies and Adlumin Alliance Provides Advanced Security Services to Small and Midsize Customers

IT services provider MNJ Technologies today announced enhancement to its Advanced Technology Services security platform, powered by its partnership with Adlumin. These enhancements expand MNJ’s security services capabilities with the addition of managed detection and response (MDR), security operations center (SOC), penetration testing, and other advanced security offerings.

“Our customers are increasingly and rightfully concerned about being protected in the modern cybersecurity landscape,” says Matt Ogden, Chief Technology Officer at MNJ. “They see one story after another about breaches in the open market and want to make sure their cyberdefenses are strong and up-to-date. Our partnership with Adlumin allows us to secure their business and give them that peace of mind.”

Business owners increasingly face compliance and insurance requirements that necessitate strict, advanced security measures. MNJ’s customers need a service provider that can help them meet ever-evolving requirements and mitigate risk in today’s business environment. Adlumin, which has a strong presence in the finance sector and other heavily-regulated industries, is the perfect partner to help MNJ customers meet high security standards.

“Adlumin is laser-focused on bringing enterprise-grade cybersecurity to organizations of all sizes, and with MNJ’s expertise and reach into the middle market, the capabilities both organizations add to this partnership are extremely complementary,” says Chris Joe, Vice President of Channels and Distribution at Adlumin. “Working with MNJ has been very smooth, allowing us to scale the partnership rapidly, and that speed will extend to our joint customers. Together, we can quickly bring sophisticated security operations to any organization.”

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Adlumin’s patented, cloud-native Security Operations Platform is feature-rich enough for organizations to operate on their own yet explicitly built to amplify the skills and capabilities of managed service providers. Customers can use the platform on their own, rely on MNJ’s expertise to manage it for them, or utilize Adlumin’s MDR services for 24×7 human insights, threat hunting and support. Either way, organizations have unprecedented visibility into their security operations via full, real-time access to the Adlumin platform.

Adlumin was founded by two former cybersecurity leaders at the National Security Agency, Robert Johnson and Timothy Evans, to provide mid-market organizations with access to the advanced cybersecurity tools and expertise that protect large enterprises and government organizations.

“We firmly believe that the culture, ethos, and commitment to customers that Adlumin demonstrates is a perfect fit for our clients at MNJ,” says Ogden. “Our clients want to know that they’ll get the same dedicated, expert service from our partners as they do from our team. Working together, MNJ and Adlumin are able to deliver not only industry-leading advanced security services but also an exceptional customer experience.”

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