LayerX Secures US$7.5 Million in Seed Capital to Address Secure Web Browsing


In the tricky enterprise browser market, Israeli startup LayerX has added its name to the list of businesses attracting investor interest.

With US$7.5 million in seed funding and ambitious plans to develop technology that would transform any web browser into a secure and controllable workspace, LayerX, a Tel Aviv-based company, emerged from the shadows on Monday. Glilot Capital Partners, Int3, FinSec Innovation Lab by Mastercard, Enel X, GuideStar, and Kmehin Ventures all participated in the early-stage funding round as partners.

LayerX joins a number of startups that recently secured significant funding rounds (some at “unicorn” valuations) to work on enterprise browser products, despite nagging concerns about the product category and the size of the market.

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