Nationwide and Generali Global Assistance Partner to Enhance Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

ID Theft Insurance provides huge opportunity for Independent Agents as consumers are unknowingly targets for cybercriminals

Cybersecurity issues are running rampant as the world is rapidly going digital. This presents independent agents with a unique opportunity to help their clients protect against cyber risks including threats that are off most consumers’ radar. A new Nationwide survey finds that only 13% of consumers have cyber insurance, and less than a third (32%) they feel prepared to fend off a potential cyberattack1.

To further protect consumers from these attacks, Nationwide and Generali Global Assistance (GGA) today announced the launch of a personal cyber protection services within the Identity Theft Protection Program available to Nationwide customers to help protect them from an increasing number of cybersecurity threats and attacks. The new features provide an added layer of protection to consumers’ identity security with online data protection, data recovery and home internet security restoration, and 24/7 identity theft resolution with cyber advice.

“When it comes to cyberattacks, it’s not a matter of if it will happen to you, but when,” said Catherine Rudow, Nationwide’s vice president of cyber insurance. “There are a growing number of concerning vulnerabilities for consumers who are frankly unaware of how easily a cyberattack could happen to them. Now is an important time for insurance agents to talk to their customers about cybersecurity solutions and best practices.”

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Additional features include:

  • Online Data Protection Suite: Once installed on the customer’s computer, this program is designed to help keep their data safe from ransomware, key-logging, and phishing attacks.
  • Data Recovery, Device Clean-up Assistance, & Home Internet Security Restoration: Dedicated specialists provide device restoration and will remove malware, ransomware, and/or viruses from customers’ computers. Cyberattack victims will have their home network and devices resecured by a team of specialists.
  • 24/7 Identity Theft Resolution & Cyber Advice: Customers will have 24/7 access to Nationwide’s award-winning team of U.S.-based experts to help quickly resolve issues of identity theft and provide advice on protecting against cyberattacks.

“As more of our daily lives become intertwined with the internet and scammers add additional tools to create more sophisticated schemes, greater attention must be paid to how people protect themselves while online. We believe that monitoring alone is no longer enough,” said Paige Schaffer, CEO, Global Identity and Cyber Protection Services. “We’re enhancing Nationwide’s Identity Theft Protection Program with tools that look to proactively safeguard their customers’ personal data and identity. Our expanded service offers a variety of tools in addition to the identity theft monitoring and resolution services that we’ve been providing to Nationwide customers for the past 15 years.”

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Generali Global Assistance has been providing identity theft resolution and monitoring services to Nationwide customers since 2005. Among the products and services included in Nationwide’s Identity Theft Protection Program are a $25,000 identity theft reimbursement, identity protection portal, dark web monitoring, credit report and score monitoring, as well as identity theft resolution services. Nationwide ID Theft insurance can be added to most Nationwide policies for just $45 a year.