NDB Launched New Services to Include HITRUST® i1and r2 Validated Assessments for San Antonio, Texas Enterprises

NDB Announces Expansion of Services to Include HITRUST® i1and r2 Validated Assessments for San Antonio_ Texas Businesses-01

NDB Accountants & Consultants (NDB) now offers fixed-fee i1 Validated Assessments for organizations in San Antonio, Texas to earn a certifiable assessment from HITRUST®.

HITRUST® is addressing the need for a continuously relevant cybersecurity assessment that aligns and incorporates best practices and leverages the latest threat intelligence to stay ahead of information security risks and emerging cyber threats, such as ransomware and phishing. The unique HITRUST design, control selection, and assurance program establish the HITRUST i1 Validated Assessment in a new class of information security assessment that is threat-adaptive – designed to maintain relevance over time as threats evolve and new risks emerge.

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HTRUST’s i1 Validated Assessment is a threat-adaptive assessment focused on best security practices with a more rigorous approach to evaluation, which is suitable for moderate assurance requirements.

About NDB

Founded in part by former Arthur Andersen and BDO Siedman auditors, NDB is a nationally recognized firm specializing in HITRUST assessments, compliance audits, and other regulatory compliance assurance needs for organizations in select markets. Our personnel have years of experience in our select chosen fields of work, possessing a sound working knowledge, interpretation and solid understanding of all relevant regulatory compliance issues and mandates currently affecting our clients.

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