Nebulon Boosts Ransomware Protection and Recovery with ImmutableBoot

Nebulon Boosts Ransomware Protection and Recovery with ImmutableBoot-01

Nebulon, Inc.®, the pioneer of cyber-resilient smartInfrastructureTM, today unveiled Nebulon ImmutableBootTM, the newest service in its cyber-resilience portfolio. As the first “reboot-to-recover” ransomware solution for bare metal Linux, ImmutableBoot protects application infrastructure from a ransomware attack or a misconfigured operating environment with a simple server reboot to a known, good operating system version.

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User misconfiguration and out-of-date server software often expose server infrastructure to security breaches, such as ransomware attacks. According to a recent report, threat actors continually leverage unpatched software vulnerabilities as their primary ransomware attack vector.1 IT organisations that are unable to enforce strict, centralised, and consistent patch and configuration management are particularly exposed as device-by-device management can result in misconfiguration, inconsistent patch levels, and server configuration “drift” (i.e., deviation from expected server software configurations). This problem is amplified when managing and maintaining hundreds or thousands of servers, making them vulnerable to undetected malware which may lay dormant within the infrastructure.

Nebulon ImmutableBoot allows operations teams to protect their application infrastructure with immutable, or “frozen,” server software, reverting infected or misconfigured operating systems and application configurations to a known, good version each time the server reboots. In other words, recovery teams simply reboot infected servers to restore a known, good instance of their operating system and application software.

ImmutableBoot is bundled with Nebulon TimeJumpTM, the first and only combined server-storage solution which delivers ransomware recovery in four minutes. TimeJump not only recovers critical application data, but also infected operating systems. Now, with ImmutableBoot, TimeJump can serve a known, good version of the operating system as a part of the near-instant point-in-time rollback of the application infrastructure.

“Any organisation concerned with cyber resilience should make immutability a key consideration when building its protection and recovery strategy,” said Nebulon CEO Siamak Nazari. “With TimeJump and ImmutableBoot, we are addressing protection and recovery for customers’ deep infrastructure, an area which has been previously ignored by the industry.”

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