Netenrich Intelligent SOC Up-Levels Security Operations to Mitigate Digital Risk for Customers

Netenrich Intelligent SOC Up-Levels

Netenrich, a Resolution Intelligence company, today announced the addition of OpsRamp, a SaaS provider of Information Technology Operations Management (ITOM) products, and Sonesta Hotels, an international hotel chain, to its growing list of customers integrating Netenrich’s Intelligent SOC (ISOC) and Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) solutions.

Sonesta Hotels and OpsRamp faced obstacles in managing and minimizing digital risk. Both organizations struggled with visibility issues in security, alert overload, and gaps in security expertise. They turned to Netenrich to help solve these challenges while up-leveling their security operations.

  • Netenrich ISOC services enabled security teams to prioritize issues faster, shift from reactive to proactive measures, and gain valuable depth and insights not achieved previously.
  • Netenrich ASI gave security analysts improved visibility and threat intelligence to identify critical threats and vulnerabilities, and automate alert monitoring more quickly.
  • Netenrich ISOC also addressed the skills and resource gaps by providing SOC experts to augment security teams while handling foundational security tasks (L1, L2, L3).

“Escalating threat attacks and new demands on digital work have security teams scrambling to strengthen their security posture and operations,” said Brandon Hoffman, CISO at Netenrich. “Companies such as Sonesta Hotels and OpsRamp understand that the key to driving transformation, centers around better intelligence. Your security operations needs to constantly get smarter and faster.”

Sonesta Hotels built a robust SOC taking a methodic, multi-layered “Defense-in-Depth” approach of sequencing processes, mechanisms and redundancies to defend against attacks. They adopted Netenrich’s ISOC for real-time security monitoring using IBM QRadar (SIEM) as well as for managing alerts and log flow collection. To address time and resource gaps, Sonesta trusted Netenrich’s SOC team to oversee foundational security tasks, allowing internal teams to focus on higher-level priority initiatives.

“Over time we have built a resilient and agile SOC environment which continues to evolve,” said Dave Borman, Security Engineer at Sonesta Hotels. “With the ASI solution, we increased our threat intelligence capabilities and it’s easier now to make assessments as to what needs to be fixed and the best way to do it. It’s far better than what we were using previously.”

OpsRamp wanted to validate external risk by identifying potential attack vectors and improving security incident response. They integrated ASI to oversee four major areas of risk: configurations or misconfigurations, certificates management, vulnerability assessment and brand exposure from URLs and domains. Like Sonesta, OpsRamp added ISOC services to handle security alerting, log collection, and SIEM threat monitoring with IBM QRadar.

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“It’s impossible to validate external risk manually as the network scales, so ASI plays a critical role in letting us see the real-time impact of what’s happening from an outside-in perspective,” said Viswanatha Penmetsa, Director of SaaS Operations at OpsRamp.

“By having Neterich SOC team handle about 40 percent of our overall security workload, we’re able to fast-track response tasks, allowing our team to focus on more challenging efforts,” said Penmetsa. “For me, the real benefit is the peace of mind of knowing that everything is getting done.”

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