Social Blade Confirms Breach Following Offer to Sell User Data by Hacker


Social Blade, a provider of social media analytics, has confirmed a security breach after a hacker allegedly offered to sell a database stolen from the company’s systems.

Tens of millions of social media accounts, including those on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, are monitored by Social Blade. The business aids content producers in increasing the popularity of their channels. On Monday, a hacker forum advertised the sale of the Social Blade database. The seller claimed to have obtained 5.6 million records dated September 2022 and provided a sample of table names and content.

According to the sample data, a large number of the records include user information. The data will only be sold to one or two people, according to the seller. On the forum, a well-known hacker has attested to the validity of the database.

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