NetSPI Relaunches Red Team Toolkit

NetSPI Relaunches Red Team Toolkit

NetSPI, the leader in enterprise penetration testing and attack surface management, today relaunched Red Team Toolkit, a sophisticated suite of penetration testing and adversary simulation tools. NetSPI integrated and advanced the Toolkit after the acquisition of Silent Break Security in late 2020. It features a re-designed web-based user experience and improved functionality that supports more advanced and collaborative red team operations.

“We designed the all-new Red Team Toolkit Platform to better emulate sophisticated, real-world attackers after observing critical gaps left by other well-signatured tools on the market,” said Brady Bloxham, Chief Technology Officer at NetSPI. “We continue to use the platform on our own red team operations and are constantly updating it with the latest offensive techniques and defensive countermeasures. It is the most capable offensive toolkit available to red teams today.”

Red Team Toolkit’s tooling and features include:

  • Slingshot: Slingshot is a Windows post-exploitation agent used by red teams to conduct advanced network cyber-operations. Designed with stealth in mind, it enables operators to accurately emulate sophisticated adversaries. It increases the speed and efficiency of advanced operations through malleable network profiles, direct syscall execution, memory obfuscation, blended HTML traffic, scripting automation interface, and more.
  • Improved user experience: Its new web-based user interface was built with the operator experience and productivity top of mind. It is a command and control (C2) server, providing a unified interface for all current and future tools.
  • Multi-user support: The all-new Red Team Toolkit Platform supports multi-user interaction with tiered access permissions. This provides mirrored output, improved team collaboration, seamless operations, and training opportunities.
  • Keyboard-centric controls: Inspired by a traditional terminal, red teamers will feel at home with keyboard-centric controls and an integrated command palette.
  • Functional storage: Connect Red Team Toolkit to your existing database infrastructure or a simple SQLite file. Everything is well-formed, easily parsed, and recorded in one central location.

“Our teams think like adversaries and perform red teaming for some of the most advanced organizations in the world,” said Aaron Shilts, President and CEO of NetSPI. “We take pride in building technology that changes how our clients think about their penetration testing programs and the industry as a whole – and we are thrilled to make it available to others with the reintroduction of Red Team Toolkit.”