Netwrix Auditor Enhanced to Improve Database and Virtual Security

Netwrix Auditor

Organizations can tighten access controls to critical structured data and increase the resilience of VMware and Nutanix AHV virtual environments

Netwrix, a cybersecurity vendor that makes data security easy, today announced a new release of Netwrix Auditor. The new version helps organizations control access to their SQL Server and VMware environments, focus on high-risk vSphere incidents first, and detect security threats in Nutanix AHV faster.

With this latest Netwrix Auditor release, organizations are now able to:

Secure access to structured data

With intelligence provided by Netwrix Auditor, organizations can identify and revoke excessive permissions to SQL Server instances, databases, or specific tables that contain sensitive or regulated data. By minimizing the exposure of critical structured data, they reduce their risk of security breaches and compliance penalties.

Strengthen the security of VMware

IT teams can easily spot accounts that have access rights beyond what is needed and use this information to close security gaps across the virtual environment before they can be exploited. In addition, IT teams can get alerts about the most critical actions and modifications — like changes to host profiles, the managed object browser or account unlock time — speeding up response time to prevent security incidents, such as an image of a critical virtual machine being stolen.

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Control user activity in Nutanix AHV and detect security incidents

Organizations can ensure that privileged users are following internal policies and aren’t misusing their elevated permissions by auditing all actions across their Nutanix AHV environment. In particular, they can promptly detect and investigate suspicious logons to Prism and other actions that could undermine security, such as changes to user roles and hardware configurations, to streamline incident response.

“When security professionals think about data security, they often focus on unstructured data, like Word documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides. However, clever threat actors are equally interested in sensitive information stored in databases, or even in making off with duplicates of the entire virtual environment. We’ve listened to our customers and expanded our data security capabilities to better secure structured data and virtual infrastructures,” said Steve Dickson, CEO of Netwrix.