New Business Alliance with Protelion Offers Innovative Cyber Solutions to Italy

New Business Alliance with Protelion Offers Innovative Cyber Solutions to Italy

Protelion, a world-class provider of innovative cybersecurity solutions, announced the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with Omicron Group. The partnership will help Italian customers meet the complex cyber challenges of increased digitalization through breakthrough cyber solutions.

Rapid digitization has radically changed the traditional information security paradigm. Instead of network-centric security designed to protect office networks and data centers, the digitally connected world demands security designed to protect distributed users and devices, regardless of location. Protelion’s cyber solutions are designed to meet this challenge, combining protection, flexibility and performance with a unique approach that provides true end-to-end encryption of all traffic.

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Protelion solutions encrypt traffic within the local network itself, making it the ultimate defense against insider threats. In addition, Protelion solutions guarantee transparent and reliable connectivity and an innovative key management system ensures absolute protection against Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

“Protelion is very pleased to announce this partnership with Omicron Group which combines Omicron Group’s experience and expertise in delivering complex and successful security projects for customers with our solutions,” said Josef Waclaw, CEO of Protelion.

“This partnership responds to a common vision: to provide our customers with secure and resilient technological infrastructures, capable of facing any cyberattack, anywhere and anytime. With Protelion, we want to help Italian companies protect their data and strategic business information,” said Luigi Cattaneo, President of Omicron.

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