Newly Discovered Turla ‘Crutch’ Backdoor Used in Government Attacks

Turla ‘Crutch’ Backdoor

At ESET, security researchers have discovered a previously undocumented backdoor and document sealer linked to Russian cyber-espionage group Turla.

The malware, which the researchers call ‘Crutch’ is able to bypass security measures using tools like file sharing device Dropbox to hide behind regular traffic

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Active since  2006 and referred to as KRYPTON, Snake, Belugasturgeon, Venomous Bear, and Waterbug, Turla was recently found targeting the network of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a European Union country with a mix  of backdoors.

According to the security researchers, the malware seems to be targeting particular subjects, a standard feature for many Turla tools.

Source: securityweek