New MXDR Provides CyAlly MSSP/SOC as a Service Provider


CyAlly, a Global Cyber Security and Managed Services Security Provider (MSSP). Headquartered in McKinney, Texas, announced today its new service offering for MXDR Services by CyAlly.

MXDR by CyAlly enables businesses of any size, high-security threat hunting, prevention, detection, incident response, and remediation, while reducing cost and complexity. “We’re excited to bring the best in cyber defense for a low monthly to organizations who need it during these uncertain times” said Matthew Slavin, CEO of CyAlly.

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In today’s dynamic threat landscape, having different tools to meet unique security requirements helps keep data protected. However, businesses today have 10 to 50+ security tools and consequently spend too much time managing them instead of protecting against cybercrime. This security tool overload creates internal challenges and potentially distracts from the primary business mission.

MXDR by CyAlly can help consolidate telemetry from across your attack surface and automate and orchestrate workflows and processes to speed up response and recovery. Additionally, you gain access to a managed security operations center (SOC), which helps alleviate the need to deploy, staff, or maintain your own security technology stack so your security team can focus on other important strategic tasks.

CyAlly is the first pay-for-use cyber security provider to offer MXDR consumption-based pricing to enterprises, service providers, and governments who require greater control of security posture and faster time-to-market. Their evolved approach eliminates waste and provides greater control over IT spending through sensible approaches.

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