NightDragon Partners with Snowflake to Accelerate Portfolio Company Growth

NightDragon Partners with Snowflake to Accelerate Portfolio Company Growth-01

NightDragon has partnered with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to allow the venture capital investment and advisory firm’s portfolio companies to realize the full power of the Snowflake Data Cloud and the platform’s go-to-market reach.

Under the Snowflake Startup Program, eligible NightDragon portfolio companies will have access to Snowflake credits, co-marketing opportunities, enhanced design and solution architecture support. Presence on the Data Cloud will boost market exposure of the NightDragon portfolio company solutions to Snowflake’s robust network of more than 4,500 active customers for enhanced go-to-market reach.

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NightDragon portfolio companies will also receive guidance on the technology development and delivery capabilities of the Powered by Snowflake program, under which partners can build powerful data-intensive applications at scale, as well as run applications in a modular and more cost-effective way on top of a customer’s existing Snowflake environment. Customers will benefit from reduced fragmentation and leading cybersecurity solutions that are tightly integrated with their centralized data platform.

“NightDragon is on a mission to enable our portfolio companies to reach new heights of growth through alignment with world-class companies. Snowflake leads the way when it comes to its technology, growth and market reach and we are proud to partner with them to make it easier and more lucrative for our portfolio companies to harness the full power of the Data Cloud,” said Amy De Salvatore, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances, NightDragon.

Snowflake has been strategically building its relationships with key cybersecurity players, recognizing the synergies between its customers and these critical solutions. As part of this, it has already onboarded two NightDragon portfolio companies to its programs under this new partnership, including bot attack mitigation company HUMAN and communication detection & response platform SafeGuard Cyber.

“Snowflake recognizes the power of partnership and co-designing reference architectures that are optimized for our customers’ needs. Together with NightDragon’s portfolio companies, Snowflake can help  customers’ security teams to leverage the full power of the Data Cloud,” said Omer Singer, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy, Snowflake.   

“We are proud to partner with an investment firm like NightDragon that recognizes the benefits of aligning its portfolio companies with leading technology companies like Snowflake. Through this partnership, we look forward to delivering our customers enhanced data-driven solutions that provide comprehensive security and risk management for today’s modern communication and collaboration apps,” said Jim Zuffoletti, CEO and co-founder, SafeGuard Cyber.

“We’re thrilled to have been a client of Snowflake from the very beginning as we were their second customer. Our partnership has allowed HUMAN to accelerate its technology development to protect large enterprises and internet platforms from sophisticated bot attacks through the power of the Data Cloud platform. Alongside NightDragon, we look forward to deepening our partnership and reaching even more customers with enhanced technology and go-to-market alignment, empowering our mission to disrupt the economics of cybercrime,” said Tamer Hassan, CEO and co-founder, HUMAN Security.

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