Digital Shadows launches two premium professional services streams

Digital Shadows launches two premium professional services streams-01

Digital Shadows, the leader in digital risk protection, today announces the launch of two premium professional services streams available to all clients. Digital Shadows advisory and custom intelligence services build significantly on its standard support service, enabling it to become an extension to an organization’s inhouse security and IT team.

Alongside premium onboarding and asset discovery services, Digital Shadows’ Advisory Services includes a new “Technical Account Manager.” This is a dedicated and continuous service that provides expert support for integrations, API usage, and best practice workflows – enabling security teams to fully operationalize cyber threat intelligence and mature their program over time.

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Takedowns-as-a-service is another part of this portfolio – especially for teams that don’t have the time or expertise to launch and manage takedowns effectively. With an average of 1,100 impersonating domains registered against them each year, clients can ensure that malicious domains get taken down, and remain taken down.

Digital Shadows custom intelligence provides additional threat intelligence tools for specific strategic or tactical requirements. This includes reporting into a VIP’s exposure, tactical investigations into a suspicious domain, and deep investigations into an emerging tactic. Already this year, the team has assisted its clients ascertain their security posture in response to several high-profile incidents including those affecting systems running SolarWinds, the so-called ‘Hafnium’ attacks against Microsoft Exchange servers, and several high-profile ransomware attacks.

These reports can be tailored to different audiences, enabling security teams to distribute expert analysis to other business stakeholders. As one customer recently commented “the report was extremely well received by the team and distributed widely across the organization! Very comprehensive and definitely gave us a very good understanding of the threat landscape.”

Nadim Khater, Director of Professional Services at Digital Shadows comments: “We already provide one of the most generous standard services provisions in the industry but the addition of the two premium services streams takes this to a new level. Clients who take advantage of these services can count on Digital Shadows becoming a true extension to their existing IT and security teams – in the ‘trench’ with them to help deal with the myriad of threats they face.”

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