NordPass Introduces Web Vault And Third-party Logins

NordPass Introduces Web Vault And Third-party Logins-01

Password manager NordPass is announcing another new feature — the NordPass Web Vault.

Web Vault will allow users to access their NordPass encrypted vault from any popular browser.

It’s important to note that NordPass Web Vault is not a replacement for the NordPass application — it’s an additional feature that makes password management even easier and more accessible.

The NordPass Web Vault offers the majority of the features and functionalities available on the desktop app without having to install the application on the user’s device.

Using Web Vault is just as secure as using the NordPass desktop application. It features all the same security measures and has been thoroughly tested in-house to ensure complete protection and privacy.

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Third-party logins

Last month, NordPass also introduced optional third-party logins. This new functionality means that users can sign up or log in to NordPass services using their Google Account.

What are third-party logins?

Third-party logins are a form of logging in or signing up using existing information from a third-party service to access a website or app instead of creating a new login account specifically for that website. It is worth noting that third-party logins make the sign-in process not only easier but also more secure.

NordPass is accessed through Nord Account — a system that allows for logging in to Nord Security products, including NordPassNordVPN, and NordLocker. Third-party logins can be used to login to all Nord Security products.

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