NordVPN adds cyber protection benefits backed by insurance to its cybersecurity toolkit


NordVPN, a leading cybersecurity company, taps into the cyber insurance market to obtain essential cyber protection benefits backed by insurance for its customers in selected markets, starting with the United States and the United Kingdom. By partnering with select insurance companies, NordVPN continues to bridge the cyber protection gap and support its customers affected by cyber criminals.

Cyber protection benefits are included in the NordVPN Ultimate bundle subscription plan, together with the virtual private service NordVPN, the password manager NordPass, and other advanced features, without costing anything extra.

“While cybersecurity and privacy tools help to protect internet users from a technical perspective, human error remains an essential factor in cybersecurity, and no one is fully protected from scams. Especially considering that the tactics used by cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated, even cyber-savvy users sometimes get tripped up. With cyber protection benefits backed by insurance in our product bundle, we aim to complement our technological solutions, bridge the cyber protection gap, and support our customers who were affected by cyberattacks,” says Tomas Okmanas, co-founder and co-CEO at Nord Security.

According to research by NordVPN, at least five million people have had their online identities stolen and sold on bot markets for $6 on average. This growing threat has already affected 125K Americans, with hackers selling webcam snaps, screenshots, up-to-date logins, cookies, and digital fingerprints.

Cyber protection benefits included in NordVPN bundles for customers in the United States cover identity theft and cyber extortion protection benefits. Identity theft protection benefits provide reimbursement of up to $1M for expenses incurred in the process of restoring their identity. For instance, legal fees necessary to undo the negative effects of identity theft, credit bureau reports, replacement of documents, including application fees, notaries and postage, mental health counseling, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Additionally, victims are given access to a licensed identity theft investigator who can provide professional assistance and guide them through correcting their credit history or identity records. Investigators can do most of the work required to restore an identity on a victim’s behalf, providing peace of mind.

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Similarly, cyber extortion protection benefits support individuals who receive payment demands in connection with threats to delete or release their information or restrict access to their data, computers, or smart devices. Support includes up to $100k of professional assistance from experts who can advise and consult on how best to respond to the threats. Payments in response to the threats are also covered. Refer to the Summary of Benefits for additional details.

While NordVPN is exploring possibilities of adding cyber insurance benefits to packages offered in other markets, they are currently available only to customers residing in the United States and the United Kingdom. Cyber insurance benefits included in NordVPN bundles for customers in the United Kingdom include scam loss recovery and online shopping fraud recovery.

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