NordVPN’s Meshnet now compatible with Android TV and sideload version of MacOS

Expanding Meshnet feature to more platforms gives users more flexibility in accessing files and routing their internet traffic

NordVPN meshnet

NordVPN announced the extended compatibility of its new feature Meshnet with Android TV and the sideloaded version of MacOS. This step enables users to connect directly and securely to other devices via encrypted tunnels. With Meshnet users can conveniently waive internet limitations by routing their internet activities via other devices using their home IP address. This means that people can enjoy all the benefits they have at home or provided by other users despite their current location.

Expanding the feature to Android TV and the sideload version of MacOS applications, allows users to benefit from the same file-accessing methods that were available before on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux. Meshnet also offers users the possibility to access local networks while routing traffic via Windows (all other platforms upcoming). Users can link up to 10 personal and 50 external devices to their own network. Traffic routing via Android TV will be soon available.

“Due to the growing demand from our customers, we are expanding Meshnet’s functionalities to more operating systems. This will allow to establish connections between even more devices, thus significantly increasing the number of use-cases and the overall usefulness of the feature,” says Vykintas Maknickas, product strategist at NordVPN.

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What can users do with Meshnet?

Meshnet opens up endless new possibilities for how you can utilize NordVPN, but main use cases can be divided into three categories:

Internet traffic routing. With Meshnet enabled, users on holiday can route their traffic through a laptop left at home, allowing them to browse the internet with their own IP address. Whereas a regular NordVPN service routes your internet traffic through VPN servers, in the meantime changing your IP address to that of the server, Meshnet lets you create your own NordVPN server through your own or your friends’ devices, no matter where they are in the world.

Gaming. Meshnet works as a virtual Local Area Network (LAN), so users can play multiplayer games with their friends without needing any LAN cables. Regardless if they live in a different neighborhood or a different country, with Meshnet, users can all connect to the same server from various locations and enjoy their time together.

File sharing. Meshnet overcomes location limitations and allows users to send or receive files from their family members, friends, or colleagues with ease. Users no longer need to host their work projects on a server in order to make it accessible to other team members or clients – just give them access through NordVPN. The new feature requires two-way consent, so users never have to put their privacy at risk.

To use Meshnet, users need to update their NordVPN app and make sure they are connected via the NordLynx protocol.

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