Nortal expands cybersecurity capabilities with acquiring a minority stake in Talgen

Nortal expands cybersecurity capabilities with acquiring a minority stake in Talgen-01

Nortal has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire minority stake in the cybersecurity startup Talgen to bolster cybersecurity capabilities and unlock new opportunities in EuropeNorth America, and the GCC.

Talgen ( is a cybersecurity company that focuses on institutional cybersecurity and defense markets. The company creates tools and services for the world’s leading organizations to prepare themselves to fight against cyber threats and to ensure business continuity.

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According to Nortal’s Founder and CEO, Priit Alamäe, this is a strategic investment for the company to expand its leadership in the cybersecurity domain, which is highly valuable for Nortal’s existing and new customers. “Governments and organizations globally need to be ready to tackle increasingly more complex cyber threats, so we see both a demand as well as an opportunity in this move,” said Alamäe.

“As part of this strategic cooperation, we will be building a joint team of cybersecurity experts and bringing enhanced expertise to our customers to help them mitigate threats and improve resilience,” added Alamäe.

“As cyber threats pose huge risks for all organizations, cybersecurity is listed among the top priorities and concerns for organizations’ leaders and boards,” said Martin Ruubel, CEO of Talgen.

“The losses organizations face from cyber incidents continue to increase – the latest estimates put the figure at USD 6 trillion globally, this year alone – so the significance of an organization’s ability to bounce back from a breach or malfunction becomes crucial,” added Ruubel.

According to Ruubel, this means that Talgen’s job in this highly critical domain is to have the technology and knowhow to improve the cyber resilience of organizations, enabling them to withstand attacks as well as to minimize losses if attacks do occur.

“I’m excited to become a part of Nortal’s extended global family and enter into this strategic cooperation to leverage the best of both organizations and combine our competences to unlock new opportunities,” added Ruubel.

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