Ntirety Announces Formation Of Ntirety Enterprise; Promotes John Faulkner To President

Ntirety Announces Formation Of Ntirety Enterprise

Ntirety,  the most trusted provider of hybrid managed services for highly secure multi-cloud solutions, announces the formation of its newest business unit, Ntirety Enterprise, and the promotion of John Faulkner to President.

The guiding focus of the Ntirety Enterprise business unit is Comprehensive Compliant Security – a must for businesses in the current environment. This new focus will help Ntirety to continue to grow in a constantly shifting economic landscape while expanding Ntirety’s reach to benefit companies through unhindered growth that comprehensive security can bring.

“As a company, we have a sense of responsibility to help other businesses operate with fewer risks.  The booming digital transformation comes with risks that make services like Ntirety’s comprehensive security solutions essential for enterprises, and therefore, it was just as essential for Ntirety Enterprise to be formed to rise to that need,” said Emil Sayegh, CEO of Ntirety.

With a vision to “help businesses move forward with less risk,” Ntirety Enterprise encompasses four main components – the required foundations to ensure successful customer experiences that include Comprehensive Security, 100% Channel focus, Employee Development, and unfettered Customer Success.

In addition to the formation of the Ntirety Enterprise business unit, the Company is pleased to announce the promotion of John Faulkner to be the president of that business unit. Mr. Faulkner has been with Ntirety as CFO since 2016. He will continue to serve as CFO in addition to his new role. Before joining Ntirety, Mr. Faulkner was a finance leader for some of the most revered organizations in the world, including Dell and Ernst & Young, among others.

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John Faulkner has been invaluable for Ntirety since joining the company nearly five years ago.  He is a revered professional in his field and has worked with some of the most recognizable companies throughout the globe. We are thrilled that he will not only remain in his role as Chief Financial Officer but will also be taking on the role of President,” said Emil Sayegh, CEO of Ntirety.

Cybercrimes have increased by over 600% during the pandemic with the average cost of data breaches topping $3.86 million. Despite the many challenges of the pandemic that have overwhelmed resources and increased the need for online services, Ntirety Enterprise continues to provide the highest quality customer service across all sectors of healthcare, manufacturing, FinTech, and SaaS applications.