Tech Community for Managed Service Providers Addresses Industry Regulation, Cyber Security, and Transparency

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MSPAlliance leadership council comprised of MSP Verify companies to educate global end-users.

MSPAlliance®, the leading standards organization for the global Managed IT Services profession, today announced that it would be addressing the issues of cyber-security awareness, end-user assurance, and self-regulation related to the delivery of managed IT services throughout the world. To accomplish this objective, a community of MSPs who possess the MSP Verify certification will be working throughout 2021 on various issues related to consumer and regulatory interaction with managed services providers.

The MSPAlliance “leadership council” held a meeting in November to discuss pressing issues facing MSPs and created a list of objectives including:

  • General education and awareness
  • Communication/education materials for regulatory and legislative agencies
  • Vertical industry outreach:
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Insurance

One of the primary objectives of the council is to effectively communicate the significant steps MSPs have taken for over 20 years to self-regulate, develop standards, and secure client information and IT assets.

“When you look at the body of work the professional MSP community has developed, it is quite staggering,” said Celia Weaver, president of MSPAlliance. “The standards, best practices, and self-regulating steps this organization has created should communicate significant trust and transparency to anyone willing to look at it.”

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“It is important that regulatory and legislative bodies recognize the higher standard of Managed Service providers holding MSP Verify certifications,” said Kevin Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick IT Solutions. “These organizations have demonstrated compliance with standards and best practices and proven adherence to the highest quality and security.”

For regulated industries such as banking and financial services, dealing with cyber risk, supply chain security, and protecting sensitive information is of paramount importance. The leadership council will also be focusing on such regulated markets in 2021.

“In order to avoid significant consequences in the face of a breach or exam, Financial Services firms must select MSP and Cybersecurity partners that have been verified to meet or exceed the regulatory requirements that they themselves are subject to,” said Brian Edelman, CEO of FCI Cybersecurity Solutions

The work of the MSPAlliance and its leadership council in 2021 will be both to provide assurance to the consumers of managed services, as well as to offer meaningful guidance to the providers of such services.

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