Ntirety Announces Strategic Global Partnership With Telarus

Ntirety Announces Strategic Global Partnership With Telarus

Ntirety, industry-leader in compliant security services for traditional, hybrid, and cloud IT environments, announced a strategic partnership with Telarus, the largest privately-held technology services distributor in the United States.

Telarus partners can now leverage Ntirety’s Compliant Security solutions with Ntirety’s three US-based Security Operations Centers (SOC) that allow for the monitoring and management of client environments 24x7x365 regardless of location.

“We are excited to partner with a leader like Telarus to bring our Security and Managed Services capabilities to market rapidly and at scale,” said Emil Sayegh, CEO of Ntirety. “The clear and present security threats, combined with the digital transformation that companies are undergoing, make Compliant Security a mission-critical enterprise initiative.

This partnership allows Telarus partners full access to Ntirety’s comprehensive security and managed services suite, including our unique approach to compliant security and Guidance Level Agreement, enabling businesses to move forward with their IT plans with less risk.”

Ntirety provides comprehensive services to protect, recover, and assure businesses can mitigate the growing cyber-threats and maintain compliance requirements through Compliant Security as a Service.

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Through solutions tailored to business-specific needs, Ntirety eliminates gaps in security posture and compliance documentation by bringing together multiple technologies and capabilities to protect the entire security process.

“This relationship allows our partners to offer world-class compliance and SOC services to their customers, and we’re thrilled to now offer Ntirety in our portfolio,” said Dominique Singer, VP of business development for Cybersecurity.  “I strongly encourage every partner to make the time to meet their Channel Managers and learn more about Ntirety’s expansive portfolio, as I’m sure they’ll be equally impressed!”

In addition, Ntirety is the only Managed Solutions Provider with guaranteed business outcomes focused on Compliant Security through the industry’s first and only Guidance Level Agreements™ (GLAs): actionable insights that improve mission-critical application availability, performance, compliant security, and cost.

Ntirety is committed to delivering solutions that cover the entire application, the entire compliance and security process, the entire time.

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