Obsidian Delivers Industry-First Continuous Security Solution for Workday


Obsidian Security, the Cloud Detection and Response company, today announced protection for Workday, enabling organizations to safely embrace Workday® Human Capital Management and Workday® Financial Management enterprise SaaS solutions for business. With Obsidian, security teams can continuously monitor user activity across SaaS applications, stop data breaches, and protect against insider threats and account compromise.

As the leading SaaS solution for financial and human capital management, Workday holds highly sensitive corporate data. This includes employee details, financial accounting, payroll, contracts, vendor relationships, and more. Protecting this data is a top business priority, yet in most organizations, the security teams often do not have the access needed for security monitoring, threat detection, incident response and remediation. Obsidian arms security teams with the data they need to ensure that the right employees have the right access privileges to Workday and they are doing the right things with that access.

“Workday is critical to your business,” said Glenn Chisholm, co-founder and CEO of Obsidian. “Protecting the sensitive data in a Workday environment from insiders and external attackers is imperative in today’s business and regulatory environment. Obsidian delivers a comprehensive data-driven approach to SaaS security that enables Workday customers to ensure the security of data in Workday without compromising usability or productivity. We are excited to bring the industry’s best SaaS security solution to Workday customers.”

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Obsidian connects with Workday and other SaaS applications seamlessly to aggregate data about accounts, privileges and activity. The platform normalizes and analyzes the data using machine learning and expert analysis to detect account compromise, insider threats, access misuse, data leaks, excessive privileges and weak posture. Security teams have unified access to activity data across Workday and other SaaS applications to investigate and respond to incidents.

Obsidian’s Workday integration lets security teams not only monitor who is using the service but how they are using it. Obsidian generates insights and alerts related to a variety of risks and threats:

  • Users with excessive administrative privileges
  • Former employees and contractors with lingering access
  • Suspicious or inappropriate access, such as an unusually high volume of downloads
  • Data oversharing
  • Employees with upcoming termination dates behaving suspiciously

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  • Accounts showing signs of compromise
  • Use of weak authentication practices

This is the latest addition to a set of rich integrations that Obsidian has built with SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft 365, G Suite, Slack, Box, Dropbox, Zoom and GitHub, and security products like Okta and Crowdstrike to simplify security in a cloud-first world.