odix launches FileWall CSP Partner Program for Microsoft Ecosystem


odix, the Israel based cyber security leader in CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology, is officially announcing the launch of the FileWall Cloud Solution Provider Partner Program.

The announcement of the FileWall CSP partner program comes on the heels of FileWall’s successful launch and odix’s recent admission into the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA).

Harnessing enterprise-level CDR technology, FileWall has introduced a new paradigm to email security for SMB’s through our native CDR security application for Microsoft 365 mailboxes (Exchange Online).

FileWall was recently launched after extensive beta testing conducted with thousands of Microsoft 365 users.

According to Christopher Oleson, Certified Microsoft CSP partner:

“FileWall is impressive. Having managed multitudes of clients’ email solutions, it is not a matter of if you’ll face an email-borne threat but when. My longest days have been spent cleaning up the mess poor email policy and threat protection could have prevented. FileWall adds a layer of protection that gives me peace of mind to focus on more productive tasks.”

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As the interchange for customer domains and secure data CSP’s & MSP’s play an important role in managing business security. With the FileWall Partner Program, Microsoft CSP’s have the opportunity to first use FileWall’s service and protect their mailboxes and then offer its value to their customers.

FileWall’s best in class advanced security protection can be deployed seamlessly, through the Microsoft CSP Portal or Microsoft Marketplaces.

The FileWall CSP program was designed just like FileWall, to provide users:

  • Click deployment
  • Zero maintenance
  • Instant ROI to customers

Upon registration to the FileWall CSP program, partners will receive a free NFR license for their internal security protection.

The activation of the FileWall NFR license within the partner’s Microsoft 365 deployment is an essential step for the CSP/MSP to ensure they are efficiently protected from targeted cyber-attacks.

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After successful completion of the program, the authorized partner will be able to earn rewards through the Microsoft CSP platform and bundle the FileWall service via the portal.

odix CBO Ari Leon Fruchter commented:

“More so than ever, CSP’s & MSP’s are being targeted by cybercriminals who hope to gain access to their networks and continue on to their customer’s networks. As a Microsoft Partner, we want to make sure that all 90K+ Microsoft CSP’s are properly protected with their Microsoft 365 infrastructure. 

That’s why we’ve created the FileWall CSP program. To offer qualified partners the opportunity to dramatically improve email security for themselves and their Microsoft 365 customers while boosting their collective standing within the Microsoft CSP portal. Through the FileWall certification process, CSP’s gain the understanding to simply onboard FileWall and bundle its best in class malware protection for SMB. With this program CSPs now can deploy odix’s innovative CDR malware protection to the 200 million users strong Microsoft 365 community at a price point anyone can access.”