Ohad Plotnik, Aorato’s co-founder, serial entrepreneur and Finjan founder Shlomo Touboul, and Amichai Schulman, Imperva’s co-founder, launch AirEye to solve a significant cyber problem

Ohad Plotnik, Aorato's co-founder, serial entrepreneur and Finjan founder Shlomo Touboul, and Amichai Schulman, Imperva's co-founder, launch AirEye to solve a significant cyber problem

AirEye, developed a new network security solution protecting for the first time, the network airspace of large and medium corporations, is embarking on a ‘Round A’ funding round in the coming weeks. The Company already has installations amongst enterprise customers in IsraelEurope, and Japan.

Organizations have focused their investments on protecting their own wired and wireless networks. They lack visibility and control over threats and weaknesses in their proximity. An airborne attack may include Data leaks, unauthorized network access, device hijacking, etc. The threat source may be their own unmanaged devices (wireless cameras, wifi direct, access points, laptops, cellular telephones, IoT units) or uncontrolled wireless neighbor devices and networks.

More, air-strikes can take place when the attacker is overseas by taking over a wireless device in the proximity and use it as a local attack proxy to hijacking the victim’s airspace traffic, injecting malicious code, or gaining unauthorized access to the victim’s network. The victim’s lack of network airspace prevents defending against these new attack vectors that have become very popular during the past two years.

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Shlomo Touboul, the Company CEO, said that, “We are addressing a significant weakness in organizations. In the last few months, we have seen widespread attacks on US government authorities such as the attack on the Nebraska Congress building, the internal attack on the US Interior Department, and attacks on the Justice Department’s air network space that originated in Russia. During the COVID-19 period, this type of attack, is gaining momentum around the world and has incurred billions of dollars in damages.”

AirEye’s technology, which is based on accumulated knowledge gained by WiFiWall, provides visibility and transparency to the airspace, preventing attacks even before they occur and notifying about the attacks that have been mitigated. The deployment is simple and does not require software installation or changes to the network configuration, and does not affect network performance.

Ohad Plotnik, who manages the company’s US activities, notes: “Due to the abundance of wireless end points, an intruder can attack a Tel Aviv hospital from the other side of the world by taking control of the wireless component in a nearby café and attack lifesaving machines inside the near by hospital.”

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Ohad Plotnik, was one of the founders of the $200 million cyber company, Aorato, which was sold to Microsoft in 2014; Amichai Schulman, who serves as the Company’s CTO, has founded Imperva together with Mickey Boodaei, which was sold in 2018 for $2.1 billion to the Thoma Bravo Fund; and Shlomo Touboul, a veteran entrepreneur in the cyber security market, who sold his first company to Intel, invented the field of Sandbox behavior analysis, founded Finjan, Yogi ‘s Security Systems, and was CEO of Team8’s Illusive Networks.

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