ON2IT Introduces An Industry First: Zero Trust As A Service

ON2IT introduces an industry first Zero Trust As A Service

Today, ON2IT, the global managed security services company and Zero Trust innovator, announces an industry first: Zero Trust as a Managed Service.

Zero Trust was created by ON2IT Senior Vice President, John Kindervag, who developed the strategy while at Forrester Research. According to Kindervag, business critical assets are under attack by increasingly sophisticated internal and external cyberthreats and current IT security practices are insufficient tools for today’s cyberwar.

Protecting critical assets requires relentless focus on prevention, underpinned by a strategy that reduces cybersecurity risk. Cyber resilience built on Zero Trust is the only strategy that reduces risk and prevents successful attacks.

Simplifying the Zero Trust Journey

As industry leaders deepen their commitment to Zero Trust to reduce asset risk, simplify operations and strengthen execution, they are facing challenges with operationalizing their Zero Trust Strategy and gaining access to both experienced Zero Trust resources and skilled cyber talent.

Addressing these challenges requires a fundamental shift in managed security services. It is time for a new category of cyber defense focused on prevention, based on Zero Trust, consumable and affordable. According to Kindervag, the building blocks of authentic Zero Trust have matured and can now be consumed as a service.

The Industry’s First Zero Trust as a Service

“Zero Trust is the best strategic cybersecurity approach there is, but it can be a long process that requires careful technology selection and implementation to get it right,” according to Dr. Chase Cunningham, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Ericom Software. “To really succeed, I think most organizations should work with managed services that help your organization move intelligently towards success.”

ON2IT, a recognized industry leader in Zero Trust, is introducing the next innovation in cybersecurity services, Zero Trust as a Service (ZTaaS). With the introduction of Auxo, our redesigned cybersecurity platform, ON2IT now delivers Zero Trust via a tightly integrated and automated managed cybersecurity platform designed to both strengthen and simplify the protection of sensitive data and critical assets.

Built on the Zero Trust principles: design from the inside out, determine who needs access to what/when, inspect and log all traffic, Auxo integrates world-class Zero Trust expertise, technologies, design and implementation services into our managed security operations centers. Now, for the first time, organizations will document and operationalize their Zero Trust strategy within a single platform.

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John Kindervag: “ON2IT builds and manages more Zero Trust environments than any other company in the world. Auxo builds on ON2IT’s proven ability to deliver Zero Trust as a managed service. With Auxo, customers have access to the essential Zero Trust building blocks, including the five-step model, in a comprehensive, affordable and easy to consume service offering.”

ON2IT Zero Trust as a Service Key Features:

  • Built on the original Zero Trust model as defined by John Kindervag
  • Delivers Zero Trust as a comprehensive, affordable and easy to consume managed service
  • Powered by Auxo, ON2IT’s Zero Trust automation and orchestration platform with complete visibility of the five-step model
  • 24/7 eyes-on-glass Security Operation Centers, with deeply skilled analysts
  • Features ON2IT’s unique Zero Trust technologies, EventFlow 2.0™, Zero Trust Contextualization Engine™ and Indicators-of-Good™
  • One-of-a-kind focus on strengthening security postures and delivering secure outcomes
  • Offered by the most experienced Zero Trust company in the world

ON2IT’s Zero Trust as a Service is a powerful tool for today’s cyberwars, enabling prevention across the entire enterprise – the network, endpoint and cloud, and delivered to clients around the world from 24×7 SOCs located in North America and Europe.

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