Onward Security Signs Cornet Solutions as Reseller in Japan

Onward Security Signs Cornet Solutions as Reseller in Japan

Onward Security, a leader in IoT cybersecurity compliance solutions, has signed Cornet as a reseller for Onward Security HERCULES, an automated product security assessment platform comprising SecFlow, product security management system, and SecDevice automated vulnerability assessment tool, in the Japan territory.

With the office in Tokyo, Cornet enhances Onward Security’s end-user support with expanded sales and Industrial IoT security applications.

“Onward Security envisions to create a secure network environment and help manufacturers or brands solve cybersecurity issues with AI automated security products for the internet of things,” said Morgan Hung, General Manager of Onward Security. “Cornet’s footprint in Japan will allow us to exceed our customer’s expectations.” “With Onward Security’s products into our product portfolio, we will have a very compelling value proposition for cybersecurity in IIoT,” said Shuji Saito, Sales Manager of Cornet Solutions.

HERCULES SecFlow supports customers in realizing a secure and speedy software development process by providing appropriate cybersecurity solutions for all product development phases, from defining product requirements to design, development, and testing.

And HERCULES SecDevice is an automated vulnerability assessment tool designed for connected products that can quickly detect cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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It has been patented in the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan, and has also received several worldwide awards for cybersecurity management systems, including Info Security Products Guide 2020 (Global Excellence Gold), Cybersecurity Excellence Awards Winner 2020, InfoSec Awards Winners 2020, and IT World Awards 2020 Gold. To strengthen its business development in Japan, the company established ONWARD SECURITY JAPAN K.K. in Tokyo in 2020.