Protegrity launches a network of partners to escort global innovation in artificial intelligence, analytics and cloud

Protegrity launches a network of partners to escort global innovation in artificial intelligence_ analytics and cloud

The world leader in data security Protegrity today launched Protegrity network of partners, the technology organization, systems integrators and value-added resellers (VAR) can be Protegrity Of advanced data protection solutions are seamlessly delivered to mutual customers.

Protegrity’s data protection solutions support privacy, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and cloud initiatives. The Protegrity partner network provides partners with the necessary resources and certifications to enable their customers to unlock the potential of secure data, create more opportunities for innovation and digital transformation, and improve the customer experience.

Rick Farnell, President and CEO of Protegrity, said: “ Our mission is to ensure the security of the world’s most sensitive data by providing advanced data protection. As the fundamental pillar of Protegrity’s business transformation and growth strategy, the new Protegrity partner network is what we are fulfilling.

An important step in this mission. Neutrality is at the core of our partner strategy. It allows us to enable more organizations to discover new uses for sensitive data and promote operational excellence.”

Level rights of service and technology partners

Partners work closely with Protegrity to implement best practices in the data security, privacy and artificial intelligence industries to ensure that customers successfully achieve their data protection goals.

The plan is composed of two types of partners-Service Partners and Technology Partners, and provides hierarchical rights (startup, improvement, and beyond) for both. Service partners include system integrators and VARs, who can solve customer needs by providing sales, technical sales, technical support, consulting and implementation services. Service partners can recommend new businesses or obtain resale qualifications on the Protegrity platform.

Technology partners such as independent software vendors (ISVs) and large cloud computing hyperscale enterprises can gain access to the Protegrity data protection platform to develop customized software integrations that can eliminate friction for customers when implementing joint solutions.

Protegrity has developed a tiered plan that provides various benefits to meet the needs of partners:

  • Start (Launch) level partners receive sales and technical tools, partner portals, virtual training, product updates and newsletters.
  • Lift (Elevate) level partners can start to enjoy the rights and interests of the class at the same time, access to virtual training, Protegrity data protection platform access, designated affiliate manager designated contacts and co-branded marketing tools.
  • Beyond (Transcend) class partners can enjoy all of the above rights and interests, the other can get additional training opportunities, dedicated alliance management, marketing and support contacts, preferential event sponsorship, one-product introduction, and the Joint Advisory Committee seats in business planning.

Support partners through the new certification program

As part of the Protegrity partner network, Protegrity launched a partner certification program to incentivize partners to obtain training on the data security landscape and industry best practices through Protegrity, and how to effectively identify opportunities and implement them through the Protegrity data protection platform

The platform. To further help partners, Protegrity will provide free, self-paced training for sales and pre-sales. Different certification levels have requirements for pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales.

  • Sales, pre-sales and business development preacher (Evangelist) certification is a Web-based self-paced certification, provide information on market drivers, value proposition, Proegrity data protection platform and use cases training.
  • Pre and post sales and technical architects and consultants expert (Professional) certification is a Web-based self-paced certification, covering installation and configuration, presentation and build custom presentations and proof of concept (POC).
  • Sale, technical architects and consultants Practitioner (Practitioner) certification is lecturers authentication, including laboratory-based workshops, professional services, solution design, implementation, project experience, troubleshooting and support.

Other features and benefits of the Protegrity partner network include:

  • Partner portal (Partner Portal): a central portal for all partners to provide sales and technical support content, deal registration and numerous sales and marketing tools to support joint marketing efforts.
  • Resale Program (Resale Program): enables service partners to provide customers with end to end management journey from the sales, technical sales to after-sales implementation.
  • Ready Technology Program (Ready Technology Program): Verify partner integration technology partners to ensure that the connector meets the highest standards. Protegrity provides tools and resources to develop and deliver joint solutions to realize all the advantages of the Protegrity data protection platform.

Jay Chitnis, Vice President of Protegrity Global Alliances and Partners, said: ” As more and more companies become data-driven, we have found that customers and potential customers have a growing need to protect their mission-critical AI, analytics and cloud initiatives.

Increase. Progrity’s customers can choose and control how to protect their data without being restricted by the storage location of the data and the selected usage method, which brings them confidence.

The Protegrity partner network enables service and technology organizations to establish cooperation with Protegrity Partnerships have become simpler, providing mutual customers with more capabilities and expertise. We look forward to strengthening our partnership as we fulfill our commitment to protect the world’s most sensitive data.”

Supportive evaluation

Gary Green, Vice President of Cloudera Strategic Partnerships
” Data protection plays an important role in the data lifecycle. Protegrity can add a layer of data protection to any workload running on the Cloudera Data Platform in a local, cloud, or hybrid environment, thereby Enable customers to scale seamlessly and safely without slowing down mission-critical data plans.”

Alvin Chan, Managing Director of Integrity Hong Kong
” In order to accelerate the achievement of business goals, Hong Kong’s business and public sector organizations are becoming more and more data-oriented. In the competition to improve products and services to please customers, organizations are using advanced analytics, Machine learning and artificial intelligence, but concerns about the use of sensitive data and compliance with regulatory requirements have become key considerations. Integrity is honored to partner with Protegrity to provide the Hong Kong market with its world-class data protection solutions.”

Latbc CEO Xavier Espinosa de los Monteros
” While complying with privacy regulations, making sensitive data available for different use cases can be a challenge in management. Because the risks are high, the preparations must be rigorous, and companies must have one.

A clear path to safely move, analyze, and store data. Cooperation with Protegrity is an exciting opportunity to provide our mutual customers with the ability to protect and safely manage their sensitive data, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the face of rapid digital transformation, we are working with Protegrity to bring peace of mind to the company, its employees and customers, while opening up important innovation opportunities.”

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Vikas Jain, Head of Security Product Management, Snowflake
” Our partnership with Progrity provides our customers with a unique advantage that can help them achieve better results from their sensitive data in Snowflake without compromising security or privacy. Multi-value.

Through the integration of Snowflake and Protegrity, customers can easily use Protegrity to protect data integrated with Snowflake’s Data Cloud. We are very happy to be a member of the Protegrity partner network and look forward to helping us Of mutual customers accelerate the use of data to achieve business transformation.”

John Esser, CEO of Veracity Solutions,
” Our mission and enthusiasm for helping regulated companies with cloud-native digital transformation fits perfectly with Protegrity’s data protection products. Data and analysis are the cornerstones of digital transformation, and the ability to protect and protect sensitive data is only It will accelerate the company’s competitive advantage in utilizing this asset. We look forward to working with Progrity to bring these advanced features to our customers.”