Open Line Chooses and Deploys Salt Security API Protection Platform to Enhance Their Managed Services Portfolio


Salt Security, the leading API security company, today announced that Open Line NL, a supplier of managed cloud services and applications, has selected and deployed the Salt Security API Protection Platform. The Salt platform allows Open Line to offer services to its customers that quickly identify and block API attacks and remediate potential risks, ensuring the security of its customers’ critical data and services. Open Line provides both managed cloud infrastructure and vertical-specific solutions for companies in healthcare, local government, social housing, and logistics. Open Line chose the Salt platform over its competitors because of the compelling advantages of its cloud-scale big data and mature ML and AI, which enable industry-leading runtime protection, advanced API discovery, and shift-left capabilities to remediate API vulnerabilities in pre-production.

Protecting the heart of digital business
“All of our customers use solutions that are API-driven, with enormous volumes of sensitive data being shared across their services. To reduce digital risks, protection of their APIs is critical, and we found WAFs and API gateways insufficient to address the full scope of this growing problem,” said Daniel van Slochteren, chief innovation officer at Open Line. “Salt enables us to continuously monitor and protect – known and unknown – APIs used by our customers in runtime. Open Line feels an enormous responsibility to ensure data integrity for our customers; Salt enables us to achieve that goal with its robust and proven cloud-scale API security platform.”

Operating the first risk-based SoC in Europe, based in Valencia, Spain, Open Line is the only managed cloud services company that offers risk-based SoC services in The Netherlands. Open Line serves more than 100 companies, with its platform running in a high-end private cloud combined with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Focusing on key vertical industries, Open Line delivers deep business, application, and infrastructure expertise to support its customers’ unique business requirements and objectives.

Prior to adopting Salt, Open Line lacked the comprehensive visibility into API behaviors that would indicate an API attack. Because WAFs and API gateways are not always able to address the threats on the OWASP API Security Top 10 list, Open Line knew it required a dedicated API security solution with automated discovery and runtime protection. According to the Q3 State of API Security report, blocking API attacks in runtime represents the most important API security capability.

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“The biggest reduction in risk that businesses can achieve is to identify and block API attacks as they occur,” said Nico Wagemans, Regional VP, EMEA, at Salt Security. “By spotting anomalies in API activity during runtime, customers like Open Line can quickly block attacks, either manually or automatically, avoiding costly breaches and reputational damage. With our cloud-scale big data platform and time-tested ML/AI, Salt gives Open Line the visibility, control, and – most importantly – the context that they need to defend their customers’ most valuable digital assets and advise clients on needed actions.”

The Salt Security API Protection Platform enables companies to identify risks and vulnerabilities in APIs before they are exploited by attackers, including those listed in the OWASP API Top 10. The platform protects APIs across their full lifecycle – build, deploy and runtime phases, utilizing cloud-scale big data combined with AI and ML to baseline millions of users and APIs. By delivering context-based insights across the entire API lifecycle, Salt enables users to detect the reconnaissance activity of bad actors and block them before they can reach their objective. Salt captures the depth of context that organizations need to identify and protect today’s ever-expanding API ecosystem with continuous discovery of APIs and exposed sensitive data, attack detection and prevention, and advanced shift-left capabilities.

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