Operational Budget Challenges Bring Uplift to OT Risk Management, says Radiflow

Operational Budget Challenges Bring Uplift to OT Risk Management, says Radiflow

Radiflow, creators of the leading OT network cybersecurity platform CIARA, continue to see budgetary pressure as a main driver in prioritising OT Cybersecurity projects. This has created opportunities for more partnerships across the OT Cybersecurity sector, resulting in greater flexibility and coverage in the analysis of OT networks. 

CISOs of OT operational facilities, such as production plants, utility operations, critical infrastructure, and logistics centres, are facing a hostile environment where outdated machines are susceptible to attack for financial gain or political statements. In response, Radiflow recently released CIARA 4.0, focusing on illuminating the vulnerabilities of all network devices and mapping of the recommended security controls using a breach attack simulation (BAS) engine. 

Radiflow has partnered with industry leaders to feed greater data into its analytics platform and provide quick risk assessment insights to help CISOs optimise and justify OT security budgets despite the overall pressure for budget cuts. One such major integration is with Awen Collective to conduct in-depth asset discovery for critical infrastructure networks. Awen Collective provides Dot, an OT Asset discovery tool with a lightweight nature that can be deployed in a scalable way on portable devices in distributed OT networks. The in-depth assets map generated by Dot can now be uploaded into Radiflow’s CIARA to perform a data-driven risk assessment and quickly provide accurate risk scoring for large industrial enterprises.  

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“The OT cyber security industry is maturing and better serving the needs of our critical infrastructure, manufacturing, and defence organisations by working collaboratively to deliver better solutions,” said Jules Farrow-Lesnianski, Co-Founder & CEO of Awen Collective. “Providing in-depth visibility of traditionally hard-to-reach OT networks using Dot to Radiflow’s CIARA significantly increases our client’s ability to quickly and accurately quantify and mitigate OT cyber risk.”

Another partnership is with Atrinet Networks, a provider of a Network Management System (NMS). The NetACE tool of Atrinet can query a multitude of network infrastructure devices and generate a map of the assets in the network for the Radiflow CIARA tool without requiring the configuration of a span port in the OT network switches, thus simplifying the initial risk assessment exercise. 

“Partnering across the industry allows us to pool together previously unidentifiable data, enabling greater automation across the full OT network,” said Ilan Barda, Co-Founder & CEO of Radiflow. “Relieving CISOs of tedious visibility gathering tasks grants them an extensive view to quickly deploy large-scale OT Cybersecurity operations.” These capabilities bring them in line with automation and continuous threat analysis which are being increasingly required in the dynamic market landscape.

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