Togglebox Boosts Cloud Hosting Performance and Security with 6WIND vRouters

Togglebox Boosts Cloud Hosting Performance and Security with 6WIND vRouters

6WIND, a high-performance networking software company, today announced that Togglebox, an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) company, selected its Turbo Router software to boost performance and security for its cloud hosting business. Togglebox competes with cloud computing providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure with its dedication to customers seeking the highest level of customer service and performance without overpaying for cutting edge server technology.

vRouter Software Replaces Hardware

Togglebox was looking to replace aging Brocade MLX devices that had reached their maximum capacity. As a growing IaaS company with an increasing customer list, Togglebox required a solution that could support over 1 million routes and a large number of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) entries. Togglebox researched hardware and software options and discovered that 6WIND Turbo Router met these requirements, and more, as a vRouter installed on its SuperMicro Intel-based 10G and 100G servers.

Togglebox is currently using 6WIND Turbo Router for upstream BGP routing, Layer 3 routing of VLANs, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) for high availability and as a firewall with security features such as sFlow and filtering. 6WIND’s high performance security software features are important to protect Togglebox’s customers from inbound and outbound DDoS attacks by handling bursts of small packets at line rate.

“6WIND vRouters allowed us to replace our Brocade MLX devices, and upgrade overall performance and security, with software,” said Matt Ayres, Owner of Togglebox. “No other hardware or software solutions were able to achieve these metrics for us previously.”

“6WIND vRouters help Togglebox continue its mission as an innovator in the cloud hosting market,” said Kelly LeBlanc, 6WIND VP of Marketing and Business Development. “Togglebox is a testament to the value of software as a replacement for hardware to increase performance and customer service, at an attractive price.”

6WIND’s vRouter family includes Turbo Router, Turbo IPsec and Turbo CG-NAT software packages with license options according to capacity, tunnel and connection requirements.