Oracle Expands Hyperscaler in Cloud Region in Mexico

Oracle Expands Hyperscaler in Cloud Region in Mexico-01

Oracle today announced the opening of the first Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) region in Mexico, becoming the first major cloud provider to establish a dedicated cloud region in the country. The new region in the state of Querétaro will give Oracle’s Mexico-based customers, partners, and developers access to a wide range of cloud services with built-in security, disaster recovery, and industry-leading price-performance.

“We are excited to establish a cloud region in Mexico that will offer public and private organizations, as well as partners and developers, the opportunity to leverage OCI to grow their businesses,” said Maribel Dos Santos, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Mexico. “The Oracle Cloud Querétaro region offers organizations a wide range of services, including access to emerging technologies, to help improve the customer experience and positively impact the country’s ecosystem of innovation.”

The new Querétaro region is Oracle’s 39th worldwide cloud region and will offer OCI and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications services to help organizations in Mexico modernize their operations, manage critical data, and develop multi-cloud architectures and cloud-native applications.

“The share of the technology industry in the gross domestic product of the state of Querétaro is 4.3 percent, and the opening of the new Querétaro region in our state reaffirms the momentum and interest we have in the development of this sector. In addition, as a public institution, we also rely on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to strengthen the government services that we offer for the benefit of our citizens,” said Mauricio Kuri Gonzalez, governor, State of Querétaro.

High Availability Provides Customers with a Resilient Cloud Foundation
OCI’s next-generation architecture provides a high performing, resilient foundation for cloud services, while its physical and virtual network design maximizes performance and security. For example, each Oracle Cloud region contains at least three fault domains, which are groupings of hardware that form logical data centers for high availability and resilience to hardware and network failures.

A Global Commitment to Sustainable Operations at Lower Costs
As part of its ongoing focus on sustainability, Oracle has committed to powering all worldwide Oracle Cloud regions with 100 percent renewable energy by 2025, including the new Querétaro region.

Oracle Helps Organizations Accelerate their Cloud Migrations
The Oracle Cloud Querétaro region will provide customers throughout Mexico and Central America with access to a wide range of network partners that enable a direct and private connection through OCI FastConnect. OCI’s extensive network of more than 70 regional and global FastConnect partners provides customers with dedicated connectivity to Oracle Cloud regions, OCI, and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications services, giving them the best options globally.

FastConnect provides an easy, elastic, and affordable way to create a dedicated private network connection with higher bandwidth, lower latency, and smoother performance than public Internet-based connections. Partners available at launch for the Oracle Cloud Querétaro region include Equinix, Transtelco, Telmex, Arelion, and C3ntro.

Customers and Partners Welcome the New Oracle Cloud Querétaro Region

Carlos Rocha, chief information officer, Banco del Bajío, said:
“It is encouraging to see the increase in the availability of cloud infrastructure services in Mexico. Oracle’s new cloud region will pave the way for financial services institutions to continue their digital transformation journeys, which will allow them to develop products focused on meeting the specific needs of various customer segments – including companies and individuals who require speedy service and quick access to information, along with stability and security.”

Juan Manuel Márquez, global CIO, ECOM Trading LTD, said:
“Handling complex global supply chains and logistics strategies requires a technology platform that is not only oriented toward supporting operations and IT, but also enables organizations to innovate their strategies for integrating new and emerging technologies, user-friendly solutions, significant computing power, and data security. This is made possible by the infrastructure services available in Oracle’s new cloud region in Mexico.”

Julio Heshiki, general director, Kyndryl Mexico, said:
“Kyndryl welcomes the opening of a new Oracle Cloud region in Mexico. It is an excellent opportunity to address the specific needs of businesses as they continue to embrace cloud technologies, and is a further step in Kyndryl’s strategy to support its customers in moving and managing their operations to hybrid and multi-cloud environments.”

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Amet Novillo, general manager, Equinix Mexico, said:
“With changing business requirements, businesses need a new level of speed, reliability, and security for their cloud workloads. The availability of FastConnect within the Equinix Mexico data centers supports this need for our customers with high performance, low latency access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Our primary goal is to help more customers move workloads to Oracle Cloud using FastConnect and the Equinix Fabric interconnection platform worldwide.”

Oracle Cloud’s Expanding Global Footprint
As part of Oracle’s planned expansion of its cloud region footprint to support strong customer demand for OCI and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications services worldwide, Oracle aims to open additional cloud regions in SpainColombiaChile, and Israel, and plans to offer at least 44 cloud regions.

Currently available Oracle Cloud regions:

  • Asia Pacific: Tokyo (Japan), Osaka (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), Chuncheon (South Korea), Mumbai (India), Hyderabad (India), Sydney (Australia), Melbourne (Australia), Singapore (Singapore)
  • Americas: San Jose (United States), Phoenix (United States), Ashburn (United States), Toronto (Canada), Montreal (Canada), São Paolo (Brazil), Vinhedo (Brazil), Santiago (Chile), Querétaro (Mexico)
  • Europe: Frankfurt (Germany), London (United Kingdom), Newport, Wales (United Kingdom), Zürich (Switzerland), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Marseille (France), Stockholm (Sweden), Milan (Italy), La Courneuve, Paris (France)
  • Middle East: Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Abu Dhabi and Dubai (U.A.E), Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Africa: Johannesburg (South Africa)
  • Government: Two general U.S. Government regions, and U.S. National Security regions, three U.S. Department of Defense specific Government regions, two in the United Kingdom (London and Newport, Wales)

The new Oracle Cloud Querétaro region will be available later this summer.

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