Organizations Prioritize Cyber Security Innovations in 2020, Says Study

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Organizations Prioritize Cyber Security Innovations in 2020_ Says Study ITSW

The latest report from CompTIA reveals Innovation and cybersecurity concerns are the top corporate business technologies and workforce priorities for 2020

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Enterprises worldwide have cited innovation as a top business priority in 2020, as per the latest report from CompTIA. Also, cybersecurity concerns and the struggle to find the technical workforce with the right skills are some of the other top priorities businesses will focus on this year, as per CompTIA’s report titled “International Trends in Technology and Workforce.” The report based on a survey of over 1,500 business and technology professionals from 14 countries, on their business priorities for 2020. Moreover, the companies were also asked about their perceptions of emerging technologies, cybersecurity, workforce skills, and the future of work.

The CompTIA report found that 95% of executives rate technology as a primary or secondary factor to reach their company goals. Around 87% of companies reach out to outside providers to assist with their technology requirements, found the report. Some of the most common services outsourced by organizations include cybersecurity, repair and maintenance, and deployment and integration. As per the report, 66% of companies report that they get an excellent ROI from their technology spending.

Offering insights on the state of cybersecurity, the report stated that nearly seven in 10 executives believe their company’s cybersecurity as entirely or mostly satisfactory. Twenty-five percent of organizations describe their company’s approach as merely adequate, while 6% say it is inadequate. One of the top challenges of the companies is a low understanding of new cybersecurity threats. As per the report, 88% of organizations said they recently changed their security approach. Some of the top challenges faced by the companies to improve cybersecurity include lack of a dedicated budget towards cybersecurity, prioritization of other technology investments, and others.

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Nearly 55% of executives have a favorable view of emerging technology, while another 21% is taking a middle-ground position, expressing excitement as well as apprehension, stated the report. As per the report, primary factors, including budget limitations, risk aversion, and a lack of a clear business case, is causing some companies to take a slow approach. The report revealed that the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are the top technologies with the highest rates of implementation. Meanwhile, skills gaps remain a challenge for most organizations, with 46% of executives reporting that the situation has become further challenging for the past two years. The report concludes, stating that 33% of executives acknowledge that unrealistic expectations with skills and experience result in exaggerated perceptions of the skills gap, while 53% admit it is somewhat of a factor.