PeopleCert chooses Aware’s Knomi® to Prevent Proxy Testing


PeopleCert, the global leader in the certification industry, has incorporated Knomi® from Aware, Inc. into its exams to boost security and prevent fraudulent test-taking across its language certifications.

By incorporating Aware’s Knomi® solution into PeopleCert’s Know Your Customer (KYC) identity validation process which combines document (ID) verification with face and voice biometrics, PeopleCert has further bolstered its security defences. KYC helps deter and prevent people from using fake and proxy identities during test events.

“Unfortunately, it can be far too easy for an expert test-taker to sit in and take an exam for someone else, which is a deceitful and illegal practice known as ‘proxy testing,'” says Craig Herman, CRO, Aware, Inc. “The use of proxy testing has increased due to online exams, e-learning and online certifications which in turn, causes the risk to increase. This problem, whether online or in-person, can seriously impact test validity. If not stopped, it means someone can pass a test without having the requisite skills, knowledge and experience – which in the worst case scenario can be very dangerous.”

PeopleCert delivers millions of exams in over 200 countries and territories, including business, IT and language exams. PeopleCert has integrated Aware’s Knomi® mobile biometric authentication framework as part of its KYC identity verification process for individuals who intend to take an online proctored exam.

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“Biometric authentication is an unsurpassed measure to prevent and catch proxy testing in several ways,” says Suzy Gunn, Chief Operating Officer for PeopleCert. “Biometric data can be gathered upon registration and checked as part of the exam onboarding and exam delivery. Or, biometrics can be used to crossmatch a test taker to their identity document, ensuring the person sitting the test is the legitimate test-taker. The technology can also assist in flagging the presence of a single proxy test taker who may be taking multiple exams or pretending to be different people. Security within exams is of paramount importance to PeopleCert and is a collaborative effort involving technology, processes, human expertise, and judgement. Biometric authentication is one of many steps and tools that PeopleCert use to maintain security, trust, and credibility.”

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