Unveils Security Copilot, Powered by Generative AI Unveils Security Copilot, Powered by Generative AI is proud to unveil its groundbreaking Security Copilot, powered by Generative AI, to address the escalating cybersecurity threats faced by modern organizations.

As cybersecurity threats grow in complexity and frequency, organizations face the challenge of managing vast data volumes and responding swiftly to potential risks. offers an innovative solution that streamlines data navigation and automates workflows, drastically reducing time-to-resolution.

Founded by seasoned entrepreneur Santhosh Srinivasan, brings together top talent in data and AI, including a Canada-based AI/ML team, renowned for their machine learning expertise. understands the challenges of overwhelmed security teams and firmly believes in the power of automation to boost productivity and optimize limited resources.

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Leveraging Generative AI, accelerates incident resolution by combining GPT-generated responses with expert-validated insights. The platform provides contextual recommendations, empowering teams to act swiftly and efficiently.

Beyond automation, offers GPT-powered insights and machine learning-generated coaching, ensuring seamless collaboration and proactive threat identification. Playbook automation streamlines tasks and standardizes responses, enabling teams to focus on critical issues.

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