6WIND and ADVA deliver complete uCPE solution with high-performance & secure routing

6WIND and ADVA deliver complete uCPE solution with high-performance & secure routing

6WIND, a leading high-performance networking software company today announced a partnership with ADVA to deliver their high-performance and lightweight uCPE solution.

Built on 6WIND’s Virtual Router software technology and ADVA’s Ensemble Connector, the offering provides communication service providers and enterprises with a complete uCPE platform. Now customers can deploy a comprehensive access solution optimized for edge cloud architecture that offers new levels of efficiency as well as future-proof scalability. The joint solution has already been selected by the German CSP WiTCOM to power its edge cloud smart city initiative, enabling services including IoT, traffic control and surveillance.

“This partnership with 6WIND gives our customers an optimized solution for deploying access uCPE platforms on white box servers. And this solution is complete because no additional software is needed for routing applications,” commented Brian Protiva, CEO, ADVA. “Even better, the Ensemble Connector base software retains its openness and operational benefits. An initial deployment can later be upgraded in place to add additional capabilities. That includes other VNFs as well as end user applications. And with Ensemble Connector providing access to the market’s widest variety of onboarded commercial VNFs, customers have a lot of options for growth and innovation.”

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With the integration of 6WIND, ADVA now has the ability to easily enable advanced routing and security functionalities as part of the initial Ensemble Connector deployment. This eliminates the need to treat the Turbo Router as an off-board virtual network function (VNF) that would be orchestrated by an external MANO platform. The initial configuration of the Turbo Router is handled via integrated templates driven by Ensemble Virtualization Director. Ensemble Virtualization Director is also responsible for providing ongoing management of the Turbo Router installation, including telemetry, logs, and alarm event collection.

“We are delighted to join forces with ADVA to build on our industry-leading position in uCPE, delivering high performance and secure networking solutions to service providers and enterprises,” commented Julien Dahan, CEO, 6WIND. “This partnership augments our current uCPE infrastructure offering with targeted applications that focus on providing complete, end-to-end networking and hosting capabilities with the embedding of our high-performance, ready-to-use software router, ADVA’s Ensemble Connector now has native support for advanced routing capabilities, including various routing protocols, Layer 2 encapsulation, IP networking, high-availability, security, and QoS options. What’s more, our Next-Generation Security Gateway solution enables secure VPNs on white box servers at the best cost performance ratio compared to legacy hardware systems.”