Pioneering Penetration-as-a-Service Platform (PTaaS) BreachLock is Approved for Penetration Testing Services by CREST

Pioneering Penetration-as-a-Service Platform (PTaaS) BreachLock is Approved for Penetration Testing Services by CREST-01

BreachLock, a pioneering platform in the penetration-as-a-service space, has been accredited by CREST for the provision of penetration testing services.

Rowland Johnson, president of CREST. “With an innovative approach, Breachlock is now able to demonstrate that its Penetration Testing as a service (PTaaS) has been validated to the highest standards by successfully going through the rigorous CREST accreditation process, covering business processes, data security and testing methodologies.”

BreachLock pioneered pentesting-as-a-service (PTaaS), which combines human hacker expertise with Pen Test automation and AI technology. The platform delivers a SaaS-based solution that clients can use to meet their regulatory and compliance needs, vendor assessments, and DevOps security requirements. Since its founding, BreachLock has built a network of customers that includes some of the largest companies in Computer Software, Health care and Financial sector.

“We are super excited to be the world’s first CREST approved PTaaS that offers both automated and human augmented Pen Testing capabilities across web applications, mobile applications, API’s and networks.” said Seemant Sehgal , Founder & CEO BreachLock

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PTaaS upends the divide between automated and manual security testing. Automated testing involves the use of scanners and other AI-powered tools to scan for vulnerabilities, while manual testing pits human researchers against an attack surface. PTaaS combines both elements: the intelligence of human experts and the scalability of machines.

BreachLock’s penetration testing reports are structured around recommendations from bodies like OWASP and NIST. As a result, customers can use the BreachLock platform to stay compliant with SOC 2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and HIPAA requirements.

In the short time since the company was founded, BreachLock has been named a promising cybersecurity company by CIO Review, an industry innovator by SC Media, and a top vulnerability management solution by Enterprise Security. Corporate Vision featured the company in an article highlighting the “powerful and easy to use solution.”

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