Pivot3 Simplifies Design, Deployment and Scaling of Intelligent Video Analytics


New solutions integrating BriefCam® and NVIDIA Metropolis deliver industry firsts for growing market needs

Pivot3, the leading provider of intelligent hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions for mission-critical video, today announced the addition of HCI appliances to the Pivot3 HCI portfolio purpose-built for running and utilizing intelligent video analytics at scale. In conjunction with these new solutions, Pivot3 has also developed a reference architecture for deploying industry leading video content analytics platform BriefCam on Pivot3 infrastructure. The new Pivot3 solutions and reference architecture are designed to ensure that organizations can extract the full value of insights from their mission-critical video by making it secure, retrievable and actionable.

Video analytics software and infrastructure constitute an important and quickly expanding market segment. However, sizing, configuring, and deploying video analytics at scale can be challenging, often resulting in under or over-sizing and not realizing the full value of the solution and the potential ROI. Analytics technology is rapidly evolving, so organizations need flexible infrastructure to keep pace and accommodate different deployment models.

Pivot3 is the industry’s first and only HCI provider to integrate and leverage NVIDIA T4 GPUs and the NVIDIA Metropolis platform for video analytics use cases. Pivot3’s new analytics appliances provide optimized NVIDIA GPU-dense configurations, designed to support leading video analytics functions including line crossing, license plate recognition, object and event filtering, appearance similarity, real-time and smart alerts, multi-camera search, and video search and VIDEO SYNOPSIS® capabilities. Pivot3 infrastructure deployments result in 50% lower TCO for video management and analytics through reduced hardware footprint and resource consolidation, reduced risk due to eliminating critical analytics downtime and granular pay-as-you-grow scaling.

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“Customers are turning to video analytics to help get more out of the massive amount of video they are capturing,” said Ben Bolles, vice president of product, Pivot3. “Video analytics is crucial to security operations and is incredibly compute-intensive; Pivot3 excels at mission-critical video with the only HCI platform designed for intelligent video applications.”

Pivot3 has tested and benchmarked BriefCam’s video analytics in Pivot’s Solutions Test Lab and has developed a comprehensive set of deployment and configuration best practices. Pivot3’s validated reference architecture for the BriefCam Video Content Analytics platform optimizes the business and technical considerations associated with deploying next-generation video analytics in mid-to-large-scale mission-critical environments. The reference architecture is based on a combination of next generation analytics, video management and enterprise grade IT infrastructure powered by NVIDIA GPUs, with all the simplicity, economics and ease of scaling that security teams need.

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“The growing demand for actionable data in mission-critical environments is a significant driver toward providing customers with a tested, resilient and scalable solution to deploy comprehensive video analytics,” said Yogev Wallach, Senior Product Manager, BriefCam. “Pivot3’s intelligent HCI platform supports the specific performance parameters and workload requirements of our innovative and extensible video analytics platform. This optimizes the sizing and deployment process for our system integrators and accelerates the time to ROI for our customers.”