PlainID, The Authorization Company™, Reveals its General Availability Launch of PlainID’s SaaS enabled Authorization Platform


PlainID, the Authorization Company™, announces today the general release of its highly anticipated “Authorization-as-a-Service,” SaaS-enabled Authorization Platform.

Designed to solve the broad enterprise challenges associated with advanced access control, PlainID’s Cloud-first, Authorization-as-a-Service Platform has been architected both for scale and to meet the performance demands of the largest global companies.

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Additionally, PlainID announces the release of several new PlainID Authorizers™ including Data Authorizers for Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Denodo and SDK for SQL filtering.

PlainID Authorizers allow authorization policies to provide advanced data security by enforcing vital access points across a distributed computing environment, including authorization for API gateways, microservices, and data.

This release also introduces PlainID’s powerful Visual Policy Map which enables administrators to visualize the impacts of policies, resulting in a better understanding of the relationships between who can access what and when.

PlainID helps businesses advance and modernize by simply and securely connecting people with the digital assets they need to do their jobs, accomplish tasks at scale, and conduct digital commerce. By making authorization decisions simple, smart, granular, and dynamic, PlainID helps enterprises control who can access what, when and how on whose authority.

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“As market adoption for authorization is driven by the convergence of traditional identity and access management and cybersecurity requirements, PlainID has enjoyed tremendous year-over-year growth,” said Gal Helemski, chief technology officer, chief product officer, and co-founder, PlainID. “In the future, we believe that PlainID will be behind every connection between an identity and a digital service: monitoring, securing, and validating it. Authorization is the foundation of security: it’s the last mile that governs what people actually can do.”

Powered by policy-based access control (PBAC), leading-edge features include PlainID’s Centralized Management Dashboard, which provides users the ability to create and manage enterprise-wide authorization policies from a central point while maintaining distributed enforcement capabilities. The out-of-the-box Authorizers included in this launch address common authorization patterns for API gateways, microservices, data, and applications.

Today’s organizations are challenged with balancing the demands of secure access controls, frictionless user journeys, and data privacy requirements. This product announcement marks a key milestone in PlainID’s growth and documents the relevance of authorization in the modern business.

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