PlanetOne and TraitWare Team Up to Bring Simple, Secure Login to Today’s Enterprises

PlanetOne and TraitWare Team Up to

PlanetOne, the IT channel and telecom industry’s preferred connectivity partner, and TraitWare, providing patented “passwordless,” Native MFA and SSO solutions, today announced the two companies will partner in delivering simpler, more secure login to the enterprise.

With PlanetOne as master agent committed to providing its partners and agents with access to today’s most innovative connectivity and communications solutions, the two companies are teaming up to improve enterprise security with simple, secure, passwordless login.

“We are honored and excited to be working with the PlanetOne team,” said TraitWare CEO Heath Spencer. “We look forward to supporting their agents in delivering solutions that add value and stickiness to their portfolio.”

With remote workforces on the rise, and likely here to stay, companies are more vulnerable than ever to cyberattack. Theft of digital information has become the most commonly reported fraud, surpassing physical theft. A recent Verizon Data Breach Report points to 81% of security breaches being traced to compromised credentials (usernames and passwords). The TraitWare solution significantly reduces risk by eliminating the need for credentials, which vastly simplifies and secures the endpoint login process.

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“Today, every business is vulnerable to attack – not just major global brands,” said PlanetOne COO, Chris Werpy. “With the rise of cybercrime around the globe, cybersecurity must be part of the IT planning process for companies of all sizes. The TraitWare solution not only adheres to the strictest security standards – built with ZeroTrust at its core – but also improves user experience and reduces costs. We believe the TraitWare solution is a vital element to the fabric of enterprise cybersecurity.”

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