Plannuh Delivers Significant Marketing Budget Management Time Savings to Fast-Growing Cybersecurity Firm Axonius

Plannuh Delivers Significant Marketing Budget Management Time Savings to Fast-Growing Cybersecurity Firm Axonius

Plannuh, transforming the way marketers plan and budget, today announced that it was selected for a third consecutive year by Axonius, the fast-growing leader in cybersecurity asset management, to help improve its budget management efficiency and accuracy. After implementing Plannuh, Axonius immediately saved 88% of the time they spent managing their budget and realized a 90% improvement in budget accuracy.

Like most marketing organizations, Axonius managed their marketing budgets in spreadsheets. The marketing team found using spreadsheets a very laborious process that was fraught with errors from broken formulas and offered limited visibility into what marketing budget was actually spent. Since unused budget could be rolled over from quarter to quarter at Axonius, using spreadsheets made the process of identifying unused spend a manual effort. Reconciliation every month meant painstakingly going line by line trying to match expenses with finance, with limited accuracy.

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Axonius moved from managing their budget in spreadsheets to using Plannuh. Plannuh quickly set up the budget for Axonius and provided an intuitive user interface that took less than an hour of training to learn. Currently, Axonius uses Plannuh for marketing budget management, expense management, and reconciliation.

“I used to block off 3 days a month to input and reconcile marketing expenses, and now I get it done in less than 3 hours with Plannuh,” said Megan Berry, Vice President, Demand Generation, Axonius. “The easy-to-use platform offers visibility and flexibility we didn’t have with spreadsheets. This has enabled us to remain agile throughout constantly changing pandemic conditions.”

With Plannuh, the whole marketing team has access to the budget at all times, which improves visibility for better decision making. As events were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Plannuh made it easy to find and reallocate the marketing budget to keep lead generation efforts rolling.

“Most marketers struggle managing their plans and budgets due to poor visibility created by unintegrated tools,” said Peter Mahoney, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plannuh. “We are excited to see fast-growing companies like Axonius taking advantage of the unique marketing plan and budget visibility created by Plannuh for better execution and ROI tracking.”

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