Mozilla Firefox 116 Patches Critical Vulnerabilities

Mozilla Firefox 116 Patches Critical Vulnerabilities

Mozilla released Firefox 116, Firefox ESR 115.1, and Firefox ESR 102.14 on Tuesday, which include patches for a number of high-severity vulnerabilities. In its advisory, the browser manufacturer lists a total of 14 CVEs, nine of which are classified as “high severity.”

Three of the CVEs are related to Firefox memory safety flaws. The first of the high-severity flaws is a cross-origin restrictions bypass in Offscreen Canvas, which failed to properly track cross-origin tainting and is tracked as CVE-2023-4045. Web pages may be able to view images from other websites as a result of the problem.

The use of an incorrect value during WASM compilation is CVE-2023-4046, which is the second critical flaw that Firefox 116 fixes.

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