Privacera and Starburst Partner to Enable Self-Service Analytics and Secure Global Data Access Across Enterprises

Privacera and Starburst

Integration provides federated analytics across multi-cloud infrastructures with consistent governance and compliance

Privacera, the cloud data governance and security leader founded by the creators of Apache Ranger™, today announced a technology partnership with Starburst Data, the Presto Company, providers of a fast and scalable SQL engine originally developed and open sourced by Facebook. This new alliance will provide enterprises with centralized, secure access to data that includes end-to-end governance and compliance. Staying true to its open-source compatibility, the Privacera Platform integrates with Starburst Enterprise for Presto via an Apache Ranger plug-in, so users can seamlessly integrate with a secure infrastructure to run federated queries across multiple databases without sacrificing privacy, governance, or compliance.

“We are very excited to partner with Starburst Data to provide enterprises with a truly secure, automated process of accessing their data,” said Don Bosco Durai, Co-Founder of Privacera. “No matter where data resides, or where users are querying from, Privacera and Starburst Data provide a secure infrastructure to run federated analytics across multi-cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructures, while ensuring consistent data governance and compliance.”

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Partnership Benefits Include:

  • Federated Analytics with Fine-Grained Access Control: Using a single-pane to secure data across multiple sources and automate governance and access policies, Privacera and Starburst Data significantly streamline access to data distributed across data lakes and many other sources, so it can be analyzed by data teams, while being subject to consistent security and governance. Leveraging the power of Starburst Data, users can query multiple data sources from a single location to derive valuable analytics and take advantage of Privacera Platform’s ability to enable fine-grained access controls–down to file-, row-, and column-levels. This ensures sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access and provides users with fast access to the data they need, while ensuring proper security and privacy protection.
  • Automated Governance, Compliance, and Improved Productivity: To ensure enterprises have consistent governance and compliance policies implemented across their on-premise and cloud infrastructures to meet stringent regulations like GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA, the Privacera Platform automatically migrates existing compliance policies to the cloud for use in analytical services like Starburst Data. This functionality alleviates manual processes from administrators, because no new policies need to be written–saving enterprises time, money, and resources; preserving investments they have made in writing analytical queries; and reducing onboarding time for new users. This functionality also provides enterprises with a centralized location to easily track their data and usage to run reports and audits to easily prove compliance.

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  • Ease of Use Leveraging Apache Ranger Infrastructure: For seamless deployment, the Privacera and Starburst Data Platforms are integrated via a lightweight Apache Ranger plug-in. This allows users to take advantage of the same, trusted capabilities of Apache Ranger without any manual reconfiguration, software updates, or interruption of operations. It also provides them with automatic encryption and decryption capabilities via Privacera’s Encryption Gateway, which encrypts sensitive data and personally identifiable information, alleviating any manual installation, maintenance, or update processes.

“Starburst customers are focused on unlocking access to their data everywhere, and it can’t happen without the right security controls in place,” said Justin Borgman, Co-Founder & CEO at Starburst. “Data governance is absolutely critical and Privacera makes that possible with their Apache Ranger-based solution.”